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B2B Lead Generation

Health Leads Plus provides targeted B2B lead generation solutions exclusively tailored for the healthcare sector. We carry out marketing campaigns aimed at acquiring warm and hot leads that translate into medical sales. Our telemarketing teams engage key decision-makers from organizations in your target market through live conversations in order to drive awareness about your solution and to identify opportunities for further follow-up.

We follow a proven process to generate healthcare leads that combines human touch and marketing automation. First, we generate a list of your possible targets based on parameters you provide us with (what line of business/industry you want to target as well as location, job titles, etc.). Then we proceed to formulate a script and then make our call to your prospects, and/or send them an e-mail for introduction or as a follow-up. Once contact has been established, we proceed to qualify them based on their budget, authority of the contact within the company, what their needs are and their timeline for buying.

Through our telemarketing and lead generation process, we can drive and measure the interest of your prospects toward your healthcare solution and your company.

B2B Appointment Setting

Setting sales appointments in the healthcare sector requires the right combination of people, process, and platform to be successful. Health Leads Plus has all three essential components covered. Our B2B appointment setting packages are specifically developed for healthcare and medical sales teams looking to fill their calendar with sales-ready appointments.

With our B2B appointment setting services, we identify qualified sales prospects through precision targeting based on parameters you provide. Our emphasis is on quality and nothing less. This means that each appointment we hand over to you has a genuine interest in learning more about your offer and is ready to face your sales reps.

Health Leads Plus has developed an established process for finding, reaching, and generating qualified B2B appointments in the healthcare and medical marketing space. With more than a decade of experience in this sector, we have the experience and expertise needed to consistently deliver measurable results.

List Management

Good marketing data is a key element of a successful B2B marketing program. Health Leads Plus provides a full set of list management solutions for keeping your marketing and business database clean, up-to-date, useful, and compliant.

We deploy experienced data specialists and professional telemarketers for:

  • Database Verification
  • Data Scrubbing/Cleansing
  • Database and Customer Profiling

We help you maintain your database at top quality, so that the marketing and business decisions you make are founded on solid insights.

Event Telemarketing

Health Leads Plus helps boost the ROI of your tradeshows, conferences, conventions, seminars and other functions with our event telemarketing services. We make use of targeted phone calls to increase event registrations/attendance and nurture prospects through post-event follow-ups. Our medical telemarketing expertise ensures that we find and reach a relevant audience for your event.


When it comes to driving awareness and response, there’s just no substitute for the human voice. That’s why Health Leads Plus offers Call-to-Invite as part of our event telemarketing solutions. With this package, we help you increase both the size and quality of your event turnout through targeted phone-based invites.

Call-to-Invite campaigns are designed to reach out to potential event attendees through a combination of emails and calls carefully crafted to generate interest from your target audience and capture more sign-ups/registrations, ensuring higher attendance and participation results.

Event/Trade Show Lead Follow-Up

After the culmination of an event, medical seminar and other related functions, potential leads should be followed up within a week. Using our services, you can maximize the chances of turning leads generated from your event into warm leads or prospects. With our many years of experience in medical lead generation, we have perfected our campaigns and can plan successful healthcare lead follow-up plans to help you get the most out of your event.

Industries We Serve

A distinct advantage that Health Leads Plus can bring to your marketing program is our in-depth expertise in a number of industries and sub-industries under the healthcare sector. This translates to higher levels of proficiency for our inside sales reps, accelerated campaign planning/execution, and better overall results for the project as a whole.

Health Leads Plus has been successfully supporting the lead generation and appointment setting campaigns of clients engaged in the following healthcare products and services:

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Measuring and Controlling Devices
  • Ambulatory and Home Healthcare Services
  • Imaging Solutions
  • Patient Education Services
  • Diagnostic Kits
  • Facilities Management
  • Testing Services
  • Compliance Consulting Services
  • Medical Alert Equipment

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