Working on Health Leads Even During Holidays

Contacting business prospects during holidays like Thanksgiving (especially in the healthcare industry) is generally discouraged. After all, it’s commonly presumed that most professionals will be out having dinner with their folks. Same goes for their nurses and other employees and heck, even the hospitals will probably be closing most of their doors to hold enclosed celebrations with their tenants.

However, you never know where a few will be exceptions to this rule. After all, there’s got to be somebody around to keep things running while everyone’s chowing down on a turkey dinner. Here’s how you might be able to work on some health leads even during holidays.

  • Survey early – You don’t need to be a retailer nor do you need Black Friday just to have pre-holiday preparations. Even as early as August, you should consider surveying some prospects and customers on what they do during seasonal downtimes. Most might say the usual but that’s when you’ll first hear about those who think differently.
  • Learn about tasks – What do they do during that time? They may be working but what kind of work? Will there still be people around? What tasks can you help with? Do they start compiling any unfinished reports? Maybe they’re conducting some research on the side. Just because a prospect appears to be invested in work doesn’t mean that work is always the same.
  • Find out what you can contribute – Once you learn about their tasks, it’s easier to know what you can help with. It can be as simple as offering tools to improve certain tasks to something more long-term, like a better EMR system that you can discuss once it’s time to get back to work.
  • Avoid putting all bets on these health leads – Finally, it’s not good to depend purely on these leads to help you carry through a dry quarter. In fact, they should only be an emergency source of sales leads in case the holidays make it difficult for sales rep to close.

Think of it like the dessert you’ll be having after the turkey. If you think your business could do with just a few more health leads, consider the kind you can still pick out during downtime.


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