Why Undermining Lead Generation Is Shady

If you think marketing and lead generation can have shady practices, you should see how shady your business will appear if you undermine them. While business in healthcare is often treated with an aversion to marketing and promotional activities, you are actually just shooting yourself in the foot with the attitude. What good is working to help healthcare improve when you do everything to keep your efforts a secret? What are you, Batman?

Lead Generation Is A Major Obligation

Lead Generation, B2B Lead Generation, Appointment SettingThen again, even superheroes are pretty public despite the whole secret identity trope. There have also been many cases when such secret identities are not even secret any more (just ask Tony Stark). But did you know? These heroes are not the only ones who have secrets.

Villains also have secrets. The last thing you want for your company is to be confused with them. Ironically, the tactics you would deploy to generate your health leads are also the same ones that prevent people from having this misconception. You want to know why?

  • Reason #1: Transparency – First and foremost, you are fulfilling your obligation to the public. Every business is called to exercise transparency because the public society has a right to information. Yes you also have a right to maintain trade secrets. However, you do not need to call your lawyer for the common sense to know the difference for lead generation.

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  • Reason #2: Your customers have more special rights – The public is one thing but your customers even have more right than everyone else! They are the ones who have taken interest in your medical devices or your consulting services. If you have something new that can make things even better than they already are, why hide it? It is not only bad for business, it makes no logical sense.
  • Reason #3: It shows your good intentions – Cheesy as that sounds, it is better than the alternative of being viewed as a schemer. Villains like to make their plans all so top secret and undetectable (until the last minute at least). When you are working on something big, your B2B lead generation and marketing tools are one of the few things maintaining everyone’s trust.
  • Reason #4: It sets the limit of secrecy – As implied in #1, you have a right to keep secrets. But given that marketing is very familiar with how prospects and customers think, they are also aware of what and what they do not deserve to know. Most often (if not always), the thing that matters to them is the bottom-line and can tell you if whatever you are doing will have an impact on that.

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You are right that nobody wants to do business with a shady bunch. Why then would you undermine the very thing that protects your image from looking like them? Be more open in transparent in your lead generation and appointment setting!

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