When Sales Leads Involve Large-Scale Projects

Not all sales leads result in you in working with small to medium practices. Some of them can lead to projects of such grand scale that you will find yourself working with other companies, even competitors, all in order to complete. The most intriguing part is that such relationships could last centuries as the project itself will stand the test of time and keep you working for this particular client far into the future.

What Are These Grand-Scale Sales Leads?

Sales Leads, B2B Sales Leads, Lead GenerationFuturistic as it may sound, the way technology progresses has always opened the possibility of such large projects. In ancient times, kings and emperors would use their power to call upon all the architects and builders of their kingdoms in order to construct the wonders of their world. Today their modern counterparts live on among your possible sales leads.

However, getting overexcited might not be a good idea. As always, when something sounds too good to be true, it might as well be. Do not let your enthusiasm cause you to forget the basic protocol of qualifying your health leads. Always remember the following steps:

  • 1. Know what they want – Keep things simple between yourselves first. This makes prospect engagement easier and processing your sales leads faster. For example, if you are in facility management, then focus on the simple concept of what your business can arrange and organize. After that, politely ask the same of your prospect.

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  • 2. Take note of how you meet – Never forget how you met either. Did you come across the prospect upon learning of their particular needs? This might mean you should already have an idea of what they might want. Did the prospect come to you because they have heard of your unique reputation? If so, listen more carefully to what that reputation might be and how it relates to their needs.
  • 3. Who will you be working with? – As implied above, large-scale projects could have you working or even cooperating with competitors. Be realistic enough to foresee possible tension and consider an appointment setting method to improve discussion and negotiation. Given the weight of such projects, your rivalries should not be an excuse to disqualify highly promising B2B sales leads.
  • 4. Clearly define your company’s role – For example, if you are going to be a part of some large, research facility, specifically what area of that facility should your business take control? Despite how that might imply politics, you know well enough to understand that such is important to stable infrastructure.

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Speaking of which, large research facilities exist and they do not necessarily have to be the creepy underground types featured on popular science-fiction. The sheer possibility of such facilities existing for healthcare is enough to indicate the possibility of their overseers becoming your sales leads. But if your are working for something that big, expect other groups (including rivals) to get called in along with you. Complications will obviously arise for everyone. When your B2B lead generation process nabs a prospect with big plans, make sure it maximizes its capacity to get all the details.

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