When Medical Lead Generation Becomes a Pit Fight

There’s a lot of hate for RFPs among the sales community, including the ones who cater to the healthcare industry. Why is that?

Is it because of the competition? The pickiness of prospects? Does the value of medical lead generation drop because all it does is throw you into these RFP pit fights?

Maybe some prospects are just playing with you, wasting your time when they already have a champion. But what if they don’t? What if they’re really looking for some options and feel that a little pit fighting is the only way to settle on a winner? Perhaps you should understand why and how they reach such a point before you walk out on them. This doesn’t just go for RFPs but any situation where a prospect rests their decision on who comes out on top.

  • They’re sick of choosing. – Maybe a prospect is just tired of seeing different parties compete for their attention but never truly stepping up to the plate. Maybe they had a bad experience with selling themselves to a solution and just wound up regretting it. Either way, even your marketers are smart enough to identify a prospect who ‘s clearly sick of it all.
  • They want the best and the boasting’s not it – Your marketers can gather all the testimonies; tell tales of your long history; and even give brief seminars aligned with how you assist practices and hospitals nationwide. It’s enough for some prospects. They want to know everything. Compare everything. See how you really stand up compared to the rest.
  • They want a really real demonstration –Sometimes it’s really a case of a lot of marketing falling back on your face. You’ve said so many things for yourself and against the competition but a prospect just doesn’t see enough proof. Even the RFPs may not be enough. They want you and your competitors to do something for them and the first one who does it, gets the prize.

On that last note, perhaps all this fighting serves as a cautionary tale for marketers as well as sales people. If, during the course of the medical lead generation process, you say more than what’s necessary, a prospect might wind up demanding the same.

It’s true that competition is a natural part of marketing, sales, and business. However, don’t complain when you openly call for a fight with competitors because a prospect just might give you one.

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