Using Lead Generation To Engage Classified Prospects

There are times when your lead generation campaign ends up targeting a very classified area of the medical industry. While the industry of medical research is no Area 51, there is still that level of secrecy that is kept up for both business and regulatory reasons.

Lead Generation, Medical Lead Generation, Sales LeadsUsing Lead Generation To Pierce That Veil

Though before that, you might wonder why would you even be targeting such a secretive industry? Is qualifying them for health leads really worth the dangers? Well consider the following reasons:

  • Facilities still have needs – Despite what they do, research facilities still have the same basic needs common among many other medical facilities. They would need tools, certain drugs, medical equipment, and even a form of proper management.
  • They cannot always provide them in-house – The costs of medical research is already a contributor to the whole industry’s monstrous expenses. Do you honestly think they are willing to spend more providing their own tools?
  • If you do not approach them, they will approach you – That might sound hopeful but you never know right? One day you are just minding your own business, answering calls and emails, but all of a sudden you get a message saying you have caught the attention of a very high-end research group. What will you do then? Lead generation can also come in the inbound variety you know.

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In any case, you will have a hard time refusing and it might even be better if you just accept their offer. In fact, instead of just viewing it as an offer, it could actually be a call for help! Still, that does not mean you should not tread lightly. The following is a list of measures your lead generation process must take when doing business with them.

  • Get more specifics – Find out more about exactly what they want. Do not ask too many questions but make sure to ask the ones that have direct relevance to your business. You cannot give them what you do not have. You might as well ask up front what it is they are looking for.
  • Keep it confidential – Even a regular medical lead generation strategy keeps customer confidentiality in mind. So obviously, you only have a higher priority when it comes to prospects who have more secrets. If, by any chance, there is a need to share these secrets between yourselves, keep it that way.
  • Make sure everything is legit – Perhaps the most obvious of all is to make sure that whatever your prospects are doing, it is not illegal. The tricky part here though is that just because it is legal does not make their research any less classified (or even less dangerous, in extreme cases). Be subtle when you are doing a bit of investigatory work on what your customers are working on.

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Secretive as they may be, not all medical research is as dangerous or bizarre as fictional portrayals imply. You never know if you could even be doing business with someone who has a lead on the cure to diseases like Alzheimer’s or even AIDs! So when you generate sales leads from classified prospects, treat them like ordinary ones while just keeping things classified yourself.

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