Using Lead Generation In The Fight Against Unseen Epidemics

Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Sales LeadsLead generation is a marketing process and but if there is one thing that marketing is unconventionally good at, it is spreading awareness. As you know, awareness is one of the greatest weapons against disease simply because prevention will always better than cure. It is how epidemics have always been neutralized and dealt with.

Though speaking of epidemics, there are some that do their damage slowly and in long-term consequences in contrast to blatantly lethal images of plagues and contagions. How can your medical lead generation process combat these unseen enemies to public health?

Make B2B Leads Out Of Prospects Who Are Aware

The good news is you are not alone when it comes to spotting health hazards that are often underestimated. Professionals and specialized practices actually play a part in the research that goes into exploring such problems. These are the first people you should target for your health leads. For example, obesity has often been declared an epidemic in some developed countries. Yet despite the statistics, many still do not see it as much of a threat as, say, AIDs or malaria. Regardless, many professionals (e.g. dieticians, nutritionists) will agree that obesity remains a threat.

That gives you something in common. And in marketing, it is always best to start targeting those for lead generation before moving on to those who are unaware.

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Speaking of which though, targeting such people can still feel like you are preaching to the choir. You might even think it is more important to have a lead generation strategy that reaches others who continue to underestimate or downplay such health problems.

If that is the case, here are some approaches you can try so you can hit two birds with one stone:

  • Organize events – Use the tools of your sales lead generation services to market events that catch people’s attention. These can be in the form of webinar or even a live convention. Furthermore, while you are free to limit this to targeted prospects, you can also encourage them to invite others. These would include those who do no treat problems like obesity as much of a pressing issue.

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  • Simpler referral programs – If you prefer to save up on costs, then just go straight for the simple concept of a referral program. These are often used in lead generation as well and a bigger focus on your own customer’s influence can net you a larger influence in the market.
  • Provide materials – If you are using a website, you can also offer materials that your own prospects and clients can use for their own practices. These could include a list of simple facts about these problems or visuals that they can print themselves to put in their own work places. Not only are you sharing information, you are also giving them something to remember you by.

As stated prior, the greatest danger posed by unseen epidemics is that their effects are devastating in the long-term. In the case of obesity, it shows many correlations with diseases like heart problems and diabetes. Even if you are limited to only concerned practices, there is still much you can do to help them in their fight against these hazards. Generate sales leads to help them spread awareness!

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