The Prospect Of Negotiating When Pursuing Medical Leads

Healthcare Lead GenerationQuality medical leads must consist of verified information indicating that the targeted institutions or medical professionals are interested in certain B2B medical products or services. However, it’s really important to review why you need that information.

You see, doctors and hospital owners could have all sort of reasons for taking interest in your business. On the other hand, if you don’t know these reasons, then you might be at a disadvantage. That’s why you need to be careful about making false assumptions. You should never assume to know what prospects are thinking when you’re pursuing medical leads. You need to first hear it from the prospects themselves via healthcare lead generation.

For example, what if your company specializes in diagnostic kits but the primary reason why some prospects are interested in you is because you just cost less? You see, in a time when costs of healthcare just only continue to rise, both patients and doctors are looking for ways to make medical bills easier to pay. This can include the cost of medical tools and perhaps your business is being sought out is because you’ve found a way to be more cost-efficient compared to your competitors.

Your low costs in turn could make it easier for the doctors and patients to negotiate price. And according to these statistics from FoxBusiness, it seems healthcare providers are more willing to do that today:

According to a survey of Angie’s List members who asked for discounts from their doctors, 74% said they were successful. ‘We’ve heard some great success stories from members who have successfully negotiated with their health care provider,’ says Angie Hicks, founder of the peer-review website. “It doesn’t hurt to ask. You’ll be amazed at what you can save and still get great care.’”

See that? Now think about it logically, how could that 74% successfully obtain discounts if the doctors didn’t find ways to make their services cost less? How could their services cost less if the tools they used somehow don’t contribute to that reduction?

Obviously, it doesn’t sound like their patients are the only ones who want to negotiate price. This brings you back to the subject of assumptions. What you can ultimately learn from this trend is that you must discover the real reason for why medical prospects are interested in your business. Once you do, the knowledge can help you gain more marketing advantage!

In the case of lower costs, be more open to negotiating and show how you’re aware of the prospect’s needs to lower costs between themselves and their patients. But remember, you can only get that information if you manage to get them to express those needs. Get the information using a mixture of both online and offline methods. Set appointments if they currently have much time but would like to continue discussing costs. All in all, be careful about assuming what prospects want from you and be open to the prospect of negotiating.

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