Telemarketing Tips – When Prospects ARE What They Appear

Telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing, Lead GenerationWhen telemarketing (or in any form of communication for that matter), you should never judge just by looks. However, what if there comes a time when a prospect is in fact what they appear to be? These are not about those ordinary prospects who professionally present their work or practice. These are about those more eccentric professionals who behave in ways you think only their cartoon versions would behave.

Telemarketing To Real Life TV Characters

It sounds ironic (heck it sounds impossible) but you never know right? While there are times when things are not as they appear on your prospect’s description, there are times when they actually are. So while Halloween is still fresh on your mind, here is a short list of bizarre medical stereotypes that your telemarketing service might encounter (or already have):

  • Wildlife Doctor – Contacting doctors for health leads can feel like searching a wild jungle at times (given that there are just so many types of practices out there). You must also know that not all are even for humans. But when it comes to animal doctors, the type that can catch you by surprise is the one whose webpage gets easily confused with the National Geographic‘s. Wildlife doctors are real though and so are the exotic and dangerous creatures they consider their patients. Telemarketing them may not be scary but do take note that dialing their number might mean you are calling a local zoo.

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  • Medical Researcher – At best, these are the types who are trying to improve the quality of life. They know healthcare costs are skyrocketing and are finding ways to drive it down. But at worst, these could be the types who could potentially bring about an actual zombie apocalypse. The creepiest part is that you cannot tell which is which when you are communicating. From the telemarketing call, to the email exchanges, all the way to when it is time to actually meet them, they maintain a very secretive impression of what their research involves.
  • Asylum Doctor – Maniacal laughter? Check. Crazy screaming? Check. The prospect of your salespeople meeting a doctor tending to someone in a straitjacket who will at them funny? Check. Congratulations, your B2B telemarketing service just set them up with someone who works in a nuthouse. While asylums seem to dwindle in number, there are still doctors out there who work in places that look straight out of a Victorian horror movie.

So what exactly should your telemarketers do should truth prove to be stranger than fiction?

  • #1 – Keep calm. The worst way to interact with a living stereotype is with an overreaction.

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  • #2 – Do a background check. Just because they are what they appear to be does not always mean they are doing something illegal (ideally at least).
  • #3 – Walk away real slowly. Should #2 be proven wrong (which is bad, obviously), still refrain from panicking. Slowly cut off any further engagement with them until law enforcement intervenes.

On a more serious note though, perhaps the one advantage your telemarketing has is that you are automatically right in front of a prospect without actually meeting them. You are still in the early phases of qualifying them for your sales leads. This means that if they reveal themselves that early, you can already give your salespeople the heads a grant them time to prepare (be it a proposal or an escape plan).

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