Telemarketing Medical Leads: Insource Or Outsource?

Increasingly larger companies are recognizing the value of developing in-house telemarketing teams. However, most businesses lack the resources to conduct a reasonably sized project in a practical time scale, for example say, contacting a thousand companies on their purchasing intentions for a particular CAD Medical software within two weeks. All too often telemarketing is carried out with stretched and sometimes inappropriate resources, such as using highly paid sales staff to gather leads, or a harassed secretary to cram in as many calls as possible in between other duties.Telemarketing Medical Leads

It can seem a big step to trust another company to act as your surrogate telemarketers. For David Silsby, Sales & Marketing Manager of Premier Medical Corporation, it’s a step made easier if he’s sure they really know his business:

‘You have to build a close relationship with the company and be sure they have a good knowledge of your target market, and that they are able to devote sufficient resources to developing an in depth understanding of your products and services. I’d put the importance of a good relationship with the telemarketing company right up there with the key success factors for a telemarketing campaign’.

If you are considering bringing in an external agency to conduct the work to market your medical leads, here are three points to bear in mind:

a) Find a company with experience of working in your industry and who shows an understanding of your target market as well your products and services. You’ll have to be satisfied that they have staff with the right skills and knowledge and accurate data to ensure the credibility of your company is not undermined.

b) Make sure you clarify the objectives of the campaign with them and that these are included in their full proposal of how they will conduct the work.

c) Don’t commit yourself to a full project to gather a specified number of leads or contact a certain number of companies; even for an agency that knows your market well it’s very hard to predict a percentage of successful outcomes. Agree a pilot period to evaluate the project and refine – or shelve it – as necessary.

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