Telemarketing Medical Leads

Telemarketing Medical Leads: Insource Or Outsource?

Increasingly larger companies are recognizing the value of developing in-house telemarketing teams. However, most businesses lack the resources to conduct a reasonably sized project in a practical time scale, for example say, contacting a thousand companies on their purchasing intentions for a particular CAD Medical software within two weeks. All too often telemarketing is carried out with stretched and sometimes inappropriate resources, such as using highly paid sales staff to gather leads, or a harassed secretary to cram in as many calls as possible in between other duties. Read more

Healthcare Lead Generation Tips – Sending Your Own Egg Basket

Health Care Lead GenerationIt’s nearly Easter. And like Halloween, Valentines, and Christmas, plenty of B2B marketers are decking their websites, ads, and other materials with the appropriate icons. In this case, it’s eggs, bunnies, and the chocolate inside all of them.

And if you’re targeting hospitals and clinics, there’s probably an even higher chance that they’ve adopted similar decorations.

What does this have to do with lead generation? Well, if you’re planning to make calls and set appointments you’ve got to make sure your own Easter message isn’t mixed up in all the others.

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Medical Telemarketing Tips – Past and Prediction

The idea that you can use a prospect’s past to predict their future buying decisions is an increasingly common subject in business. On the other hand, a similar subject is eerily touched by the recent movie Captain America: Winter Soldier.

You have to wonder though: can the past truly be the ultimate crystal ball that marketers and salespeople have searched for centuries?

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Outsourced Telemarketing Services – Turning Dependence Into Strength

Dependence can be a form of weakness but like any weakness, it can be turned into a strength. However, the specifics of doing so are also exclusive to the idea of dependence.

For example, take depending on outsourced telemarketing services to keep your leads coming in and keeping business afloat. It can be like a cripple depending on a crutch or an invalid who has to breathe through a respirator.

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Medical Telemarketing Tips – Prospects Shouldn’t Reject Your Values

When using medical telemarketing to qualify prospects, your biggest red flag is complete rejection of your business values. This is not the same as the typical telemarketing rejection of your offer though. If a prospect just simply does not hold the same values as you do, you are better off finding another one. No amount of money or promise of better business is worth compromising values that have kept your business on a good path.

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Telemarketing Fears? Outsource Those Who Do It All The Time

Many an entrepreneur or business owner (especially young ones) dread telemarketing. The many parodies and negative reactions that stigmatize the process are only first on the list of reasons why everyone avoids it. But despite all that disdain, the phone has remained as a necessary tool for business communication. In healthcare, that same phone can be the only way you will ever communicate with potential customers.

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How Lead Generation Can Target Prospects On The Move

If you think lead generation is hard when your prospects are one place, it can get worse when they are always on the move. With healthcare being no pushover when it comes to innovation, there is now a growing movement in the industry to make it go mobile.

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Lead Generation Tips – On Hospitals With A History

Hospitals are a common target for lead generation when you are a supporting healthcare business that likes to aim big. However, never forget that hospitals, whether public or private, are all prestigious institutions. And with that prestige, there comes a lot of history.

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Telemarketing Tips – When Prospects ARE What They Appear

Telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing, Lead GenerationWhen telemarketing (or in any form of communication for that matter), you should never judge just by looks. However, what if there comes a time when a prospect is in fact what they appear to be? These are not about those ordinary prospects who professionally present their work or practice. These are about those more eccentric professionals who behave in ways you think only their cartoon versions would behave.

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Using Lead Generation To Help Doctors Share Information

Lead Generation, Medical Lead Generation, TelemarketingBoth old and new forms of business lead generation have the powerful capacity to attract certified professionals whose combined knowledge and expertise are critical in a world that is still starving for information. Ironically, one of the perks of this century is that such information should be more widely available due to the rise of online services and advanced communication technologies.

Unfortunately, professions like those of medical doctors are not always up to speed. Many still do not realize how much good they can do for patient education if they combined and shared their knowledge in one place.

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