Simple Logic In Lead Generation – The Core Of Your Appeal

A quick glance at the world of B2B healthcare and you might think that the only way you will succeed in lead generation is if you come at your prospects with hard facts. You invest in research, do some heavy consulting, and stockpile on strong evidence proving the need for your industry (or better yet, your specific business).

In your haste however, you might be skipping over one of the most important steps in establishing appeal: logic.

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In Inbound Telemarketing, Every Bit Helps

Telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing, Sales LeadsA common use of inbound telemarketing is customer support. This service is commonly outsourced in case companies lack the resources to build their own marketing crew. But in healthcare, it’s important that your providers organize your inbound calls carefully between B2B and B2C inquiries.

For some, such telemarketing basics are trivial. Regardless, every bit helps, even something as easily done as organizing incoming calls. For others, they will actually counter that it’s not that easy, especially when your products cater to both patients and consumers alongside medical professionals. (Medical devices are one good example.)

B2C and B2B telemarketing groups tend to focus on needs that are unique to the inquirers they receive. It is important to know if the telemarketers either cater to B2B or B2C. Whether you use a single company that handles them all or several others specified to a certain type of caller, avoid making the following mistakes:

  • Burdening your agents – It can be quite unethical to force an agent to receive both B2B and B2C inquiries. Either one could require more than a whole volume of subjects that inbound callers want to discuss. For example, a regular consumer could be suffering a single troubleshooting problem but another call could be from a doctor who wants to discuss the invitation you sent them for an upcoming event. It doesn’t take a lot to image that an agent who takes both kinds of calls in a single day won’t stay sane for long.
  • Wasting time – Emergency rooms ideally prioritize critical emergencies over anything less life threatening such as simple colds or minor injuries. The same goes for your inbound telemarketing. If a consumer calls in for a small problem, redirect them immediately to the appropriate B2C agent. On the other hand, this should be so that your B2B agents can have more time to answer the more complicated inquiries coming from medical professionals. Don’t keep the likes of busy doctors waiting because they too have a lot of work to do! You can also save more time by making a note on your website the directs the right parties to the right numbers to call.
  • Too much automation – Speaking of which, you should also avoid the other extreme of excessively automating your entire customer support before callers can actually speak with a human being. More often than not, auto-responders serve more as a barricade to them than a form of assistance. The same goes for troubleshooting procedures on websites and help manuals. In case that they come with an issue that really is so easily solvable by those materials, then it shouldn’t take much time for B2C agents to simply point it out and then tell them to have a nice day. Now for B2B inquiries, it’s even more important to eliminate automation completely. Their reasons for calling are generally too complex for a simple program or a set of steps to really resolve. Who knows, some professionals might not really have a problem but are instead calling to be qualified as completely new medical leads!

Again, every bit helps, from the basic division of B2C from B2B and to the common sense of redirecting a customer. Such simple tasks and understanding can save a significant amount of time as well as stress. Use that knowledge to know the kind of telemarketers to outsource and avoid the above mistakes.

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Marketing in Healthcare – Partner Up with a Medical Telemarketing Company!

marketing in healthcare, health related services, medical telemarketing, telemarketing, telemarketers, lead generationMarketing in healthcare is not something you can hope to do without proper planning. Then again, the same thing goes for any marketing campaign that you plan to launch. Without the proper idea on what to do in your head, you probably won’t get very far, no matter how unique your approach is. So when you want to make sales such as offering health related services to different businesses that you target, then you’re going to need all the help you can get. One way you can do this is to employ the services of a reliable telemarketing company. However, you don’t want to be working with just any old telemarketing firm, you want to be partnering with one that specializes in performing medical telemarketing.

Making use of BPO (business process outsourcing) services can do wonders for a lot of businesses. Most companies find that generating qualified sales leads is too much of a trying task to accomplish alone and choose to buy leads instead, or even hire a third party to help them generate them. Telemarketing companies can also function as lead generators, having a slight edge above the competition because of their background of being salespeople. This means that they know well enough on how your team works to make sales so they understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. But instead of making sales on your behalf, they instead can be tasked to generate sales leads and probe the market for those that show interest in your health related products and services. Marketing in the field of healthcare is no easy thing to do and you may find that a medical telemarketing company will be one of your best allies in tackling this market.

As stated earlier, you cannot hope to do marketing in the healthcare industry without the proper planning having been done prior to the launch of your campaign. If you just suddenly jump into it based entirely on your “gut feeling”, then you will not get very far. You are dealing with businessmen here, however they are of a completely different caliber than the ones you’re used to dealing with. Some of these people are practitioners and professionals within the medical field, making them high-quality prospects but a the same time people who you cannot sway with a bunch of good-sounding words together to come up with some signature tag-line to try and draw their attention. If you want to have an effective campaign in this field, then you’ll be needing the services of a medical telemarketing company even more.

Telemarketers that work for medical telemarketing companies understand the market. They even go as far as to understand your products and services down to the bone, making sure that they have all the concepts right and can create the best calling scripts and ways to approach your prospects. Since they are calling on your behalf, their professionalism and way of conversing with your prospects can heavily determine the outcome of a single call; it can go from good to bad in a single misplaced word. But if they know how to act in accordance to the matter, then you can expect them to generate a good amount of medical sales leads for you. Now, telemarketing may not seem like the most amazing approach to doing lead generation, but it does work, and amazingly at that. So if you want to tackle the medical industry and healthcare market, then consider having a medical telemarketing company as a partner.

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Medical Marketing Tip #2 – Utilize Market Research to your Advantage

medical telemarketing, telemarkters, telemarketing, medical leadsThe health-care and medical industry presents itself as a very large challenge to medical marketers. With a market that constantly changes, a marketer needs to be well-equipped with information about the current market if they want to keep their company’s products and services marketable. How can one do this? Well, one way is through utilizing medical telemarketing to conduct phone surveys. What better way to learn about the demand within the market than from the mouth of your prospects and competitors? With medical telemarketing on your side for market research purposes, you can do just that.

  • Learn from your medical leads – What’s in demand in the medical and health-care market? How should you approach it in order to be effective in your marketing efforts? All this can be answered by learning from your medical leads. Use the skills of telemarketers in performing phone surveys. You can contact your current clients and customers, as well as reach out to your prospects and even your competitors to find out what’s in and what’s not. But most of all, know and learn from your medical leads. After all, they are the prospects you are pursuing so tweaking your efforts to meet their needs and demands should prove effective and helpful to your campaign.
  • Research to nurture, not just to sell – A mistake that many marketers make is keeping their eye on the prize for the sole purpose of making sales. Yes, indeed, the lifeblood of a business is profit but you cannot just keep pushing for sales. In order to properly generate medical leads of good quality, you need to conduct market research with the intention of nurturing your prospects as well as keeping in mind the goal of closing a sale. If you nurture your medical leads the right way then you can draw them closer to your company through your efforts. Don’t just focus on sales figures. Give your prospects what they need and work from there.

Market research is a medical marketer’s best friend in this ever changing industry. Utilize it well and conduct market research through various means, such as through phone surveys through medical telemarketing, and use it to your advantage.

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Medical Marketing Tip #1 – Know How and When to Market

medical telemarketing, medical leads, telemarketers, lead generationMedical telemarketers are facing even greater challenges in doing their intended tasks. With the market place becoming an increasingly difficult place to do business in, medical telemarketing campaigns should be able to overcome ever-present challenges and obstacles in doing what they do best: medical lead generation. That being said, how can medical telemarketers do this? How can they beat the odds and find a way to get to their target prospects and generate medical leads? Here are some tips for your medical telemarketing campaign.

  • Reach out to your prospects before the call – In order for you to effectively establish grounds for making sales calls to your prospects, it would be best to reach out to your prospects and inform them about your company and offered services before the call even takes place. You can use various methods to do this such as email marketing or direct mail. This tactic is usually used by old-school marketers who send mail first then follow-up with a call later on when their prospects have responded to their business mails.
  • Establish a healthy business relationship – Timing is everything when you use medical telemarketing. You can’t just make a call to your prospect and expect them to fall right into your hands. What you should do, rather, is to use medical telemarketing to your advantage and establish a working business relationship with your prospect. Offer them advice that is key to solving their current issues. Once the time is right and you’ve nurtured your medical leads the right way, you can start trying to close sales with your prospects. Use medical telemarketing to establish initial contact, or as said above, use email and direct mail then follow-up with a call.
  • Don’t just keep pushing for sales – Your prospects will turn-tail at the first hearing of an upfront cost. So when using medical telemarketing, do not be so quick as to present the costs of your services to your prospects. Tell them about what your company does and nurture them as medical leads before you start talking business with them. If you keep pushing for sales, you may risk driving them away rather than pulling them closer as business partners.

Learn how to market your products and services as well as when to do so. These are just some of the key aspects to medical telemarketing as well as marketing in general.

E-Mail Marketing for Health Insurance Leads? Better yet, go with Telemarketing!

Almost everyone has gone online in the world today. People have social networks, e-mail, online forums, a lot of websites they traverse on a daily basis from anywhere they can connect to the internet from. With the knowledge that the internet is where a lot of people spend their time now, and where some go about doing business, even health insurance companies can take advantage of this fact and utilize the world wide web to generate health insurance leads.

From everyday households to small and major companies, e-mail marketing can hit a lot of them. Using these tactics, a health insurance firm can find a lot of prospects and would-be customers. However, if you think about it, just who exactly should you be contacting when you don’t even know as much as who you need to be sending your e-mails to? Sure, you call it a targeted e-mail campaign but it will only be effective when you actually have an idea on which industry and which businesses within it to blast e-mails to. Well, don’t fret because you can fix this problem by buying something like a list of health insurance leads, or better yet, employ the services of a telemarketing firm to do lead generation for you.

Telemarketers are people who are well-versed in both the worlds of making B2B and B2C sales calls, making them effective lead generators aside from just being salespeople. When you’re trying to find prospects and would-be customers for your health insurance company, then telemarketing and lead generation may just be what you need to get your health insurance leads.