Medical Appointment Setting Tips – Always Remember What Technology Can’t

There are plenty of things that have changed the way B2B salespeople work. But despite the increased capacity to mine more data and broaden communications, it’s also important to remember what technology hasn’t changed.

In this regard, medical appointment setting, both on the level of patients and practices, have plenty of areas that are at risk of neglect simply because technology offers a false sense of security.

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Medical Leads from the Flesh Wound

If there’s something simple that you can learn from the rise of urgent care, it’s the idea that not everything is an actual medical emergency. Unless the city’s under attack by mutant lizard men or a zombie virus, the worst injury in an ER is someone with a broken nose.

Shouldn’t this be quite a relief for prospects? And more to the point, what’s wrong with idea that not all problems are such big time emergencies? You could be getting more medical leads that way!

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Are You About to Lose Health Leads?

You see it in a lot of movies. The main character goes through a typical routine but the next moment they wake, they find themselves in a radically different place. They have no memory of how they got there or how long it’s been. From horror to fantasy, crime to science-fiction, this turn of events can actually reflect a similar scenario for your own marketers and salespeople.

One moment, your health leads are coming in like normal. But the morning after, you wake up and are shocked to find the radical changes in your marketing strategies, your database, your marketing materials etc.

And out of all this, you are at a loss on where health leads now are.

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Non-Medics in Your Medical Leads

These days, the healthcare industry is going to include more and more people with less and less medical knowledge. And surprise! This isn’t entirely a bad thing. In fact, you might want to change your lead generation strategy once non-medical prospects are being counted among your medical leads.

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Using Medical Leads to Encourage Responsibility

For those working in healthcare, they don’t want just convenience. They want convenience to translate into productivity. That’s why when you’re trying to generate medical leads, don’t just try and appeal to their need for easier work. You should hold them responsible to make the easier job more meaningful.

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Medical Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Abuse the Warning Signs

Medical lead generation is like a doctor’s check up in many ways. You diagnoses the healthiness of a practice’s management, test their compliance, and there are any problems, you urge for treatment.

But when you use symptoms too frequently, knowledge of the bad news might end up paralyzing your prospect’s decision. It’s like working under the possibility that the stress could suddenly cause heart problems.  You’d have to be a particularly brave person to keep working, let alone find an organization full of such people.

Medical Telemarketing Tips – Prospects Shouldn’t Reject Your Values

When using medical telemarketing to qualify prospects, your biggest red flag is complete rejection of your business values. This is not the same as the typical telemarketing rejection of your offer though. If a prospect just simply does not hold the same values as you do, you are better off finding another one. No amount of money or promise of better business is worth compromising values that have kept your business on a good path.

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Lead Generation Tips – Play The Medic’s Role

It is only fitting that a medical lead generation strategy should fulfill the role of the combat medic (or simply medic as they are popularly called). Medics are widely understood to be highly non-aggressive even when they are serving one side of a conflict. And like them, your lead generation process should be geared to a purely supportive role and avoid engaging in the heat of combat.

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Sales Leads – Multivitamins For Business

When you take in sales leads, it is like taking in multivitamins. Like these commercial supplements, your sales leads provide different nutritional values to your sales process. Different vitamins serve to provide different support to various parts of the body. In that same sense, your leads can provide multiple support to different kinds of business marketing processes.

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