Are Health Leads Clients or Charity Cases?

Most people don’t like the idea of charity starting to look like business. And for the most part, they’re right that it’s not good.

Although, there are even stranger ways that it can happen and things no longer look so black and white. What do you do when your health leads are trapped between looking like charity cases and looking like actual, high-value clients?

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How Medical Appointment Setters Balance Expecations and Reality

Some of the problems that characterize marketing can reach the point of cliché. And for the medical industry, one such problem is the imbalance between expectations and reality.

Medical appointment setters often feel like they’ve been served the short end of the stick when, say, a medical breakthrough isn’t actually that much of a breakthrough. But when there’s often a shortage of marketable ideas, what can they do?

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Medical Leads from the Flesh Wound

If there’s something simple that you can learn from the rise of urgent care, it’s the idea that not everything is an actual medical emergency. Unless the city’s under attack by mutant lizard men or a zombie virus, the worst injury in an ER is someone with a broken nose.

Shouldn’t this be quite a relief for prospects? And more to the point, what’s wrong with idea that not all problems are such big time emergencies? You could be getting more medical leads that way!

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Sharing Expertise Should Not Involve Character Assassination

Political and legal implications aside, how often do you see healthcare professionals sharing expertise… and resorting to character assassination?

Hopefully, it’s not that often. But if you’ve ever ventured to touchier topics like vegetarianism, the organic movement, and medical marijuana, your chances of encountering this will increase. Exponentially even.

Ideally, this isn’t the best behavior for any professional whether they’re medical doctors or the B2B organizations that support their work. Still, reality always seems one step ahead of the perfect world.

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Non-Medics in Your Medical Leads

These days, the healthcare industry is going to include more and more people with less and less medical knowledge. And surprise! This isn’t entirely a bad thing. In fact, you might want to change your lead generation strategy once non-medical prospects are being counted among your medical leads.

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Sharing Expertise Goes Beyond Biology and Anatomy

When people think healthcare expert, oftentimes people are thinking cells, medicine, disease, and an advanced degree. They don’t necessarily think of bureaucracy, management, and business. Healthcare is more often represented as the doc in the lab coat, not a bunch of corporate suits.

Reality of course paints a different picture (and for some it’s not pretty). There’s plenty of business expertise needed in the industry of healthcare. The good news is that this no longer means you have to be a neurosurgeon just to share insight that can be valuable in the healthcare market.

Now why does this matter again? Secondly, what exactly are the areas that require expertise besides that of human anatomy and biology?

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Getting Health Leads from Those Staying Healthy

Handling a sports team can be like handling a business in of itself. The star players aren’t just the employees. The audience is not just the paying customer. It makes sense that plenty of health and fitness related businesses throw their services at their feet as a means to keep everyone in top shape. Look at what Johnson & Johnson is doing as an official sponsor.

These teams however aren’t the only kinds of business prospects that fit this description. If you’re looking for health leads beyond individual care, there are plenty of organizations that demand just as much fitness from their own work force.

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Using Medical Leads to Encourage Responsibility

For those working in healthcare, they don’t want just convenience. They want convenience to translate into productivity. That’s why when you’re trying to generate medical leads, don’t just try and appeal to their need for easier work. You should hold them responsible to make the easier job more meaningful.

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Lead Generation Tips – Play The Medic’s Role

It is only fitting that a medical lead generation strategy should fulfill the role of the combat medic (or simply medic as they are popularly called). Medics are widely understood to be highly non-aggressive even when they are serving one side of a conflict. And like them, your lead generation process should be geared to a purely supportive role and avoid engaging in the heat of combat.

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Lead Generation Tips – Have Your Own Naughty/Nice List

lead generation campaign uses lists that are actually quite like the Naughty and Nice lists used by Santa Claus. On the other hand, the nature of the lead generation process can complicate things when you are trying to figure out which list to put your prospect in.

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