Sharing Expertise When Panic Is Its Own Disease

Panic is really just the hysterical twin of hype. In business, both can have a radical impact on demand and on B2B marketing campaigns. That doesn’t mean the impact’s going to be good. In fact, they both have strikingly similar downsides.

Perhaps that’s one of the few upsides to the Ebola panic that’s now sweeping the United States. Forget the actual epidemic. The anxiety and paranoia that this whole mess created can be its own disease!

It’s not that hard to see the kind of lessons B2B marketers can learn here. Sharing expertise is a common tactic for attracting interest, which in turn attracts potential B2B leads.

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Are You About to Lose Health Leads?

You see it in a lot of movies. The main character goes through a typical routine but the next moment they wake, they find themselves in a radically different place. They have no memory of how they got there or how long it’s been. From horror to fantasy, crime to science-fiction, this turn of events can actually reflect a similar scenario for your own marketers and salespeople.

One moment, your health leads are coming in like normal. But the morning after, you wake up and are shocked to find the radical changes in your marketing strategies, your database, your marketing materials etc.

And out of all this, you are at a loss on where health leads now are.

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Sharing Expertise and Success Storytelling

In the medical industry, success stories have become a staple in content marketing strategies. On the other hand, conventional buyers would always like to style their decisions as based on fact. It’s almost contradictory.

On one hand, you get to the emotional storytelling of cancer survivors. But on the other, you have the physicians and managers who seem to only want stats when B2B organizations are sharing expertise. Is this something that your marketers need to reconcile?

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Medical Lead Generation Tips – Prospects Test Your Readiness

Ever feel like your prospects do nothing but put you to the test? Well, that’s often expected in healthcare. It’s not like there’s very little at stake.

But whether you like or not, your medical lead generation campaign needs the test to really prove you are good enough to serve your clients.

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Sharing Expertise Goes Beyond Biology and Anatomy

When people think healthcare expert, oftentimes people are thinking cells, medicine, disease, and an advanced degree. They don’t necessarily think of bureaucracy, management, and business. Healthcare is more often represented as the doc in the lab coat, not a bunch of corporate suits.

Reality of course paints a different picture (and for some it’s not pretty). There’s plenty of business expertise needed in the industry of healthcare. The good news is that this no longer means you have to be a neurosurgeon just to share insight that can be valuable in the healthcare market.

Now why does this matter again? Secondly, what exactly are the areas that require expertise besides that of human anatomy and biology?

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