Save Your Lead Generation Campaign From Cutting Itself

Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Sales LeadsHealthcare may be no stranger to physical risks but it should be the same for business risks too (like lead generation). Then again, you might say that risks are not avoidable in business either. But despite that, you should draw a line before your marketing campaigns accidentally cut themselves.

Keeping A Lead Generator Safe VS Keeping It In A Bubble

There is a fine line between maintaining the health of your marketing and an irrational aversion to all risks. It is like the difference between someone who knows how to use a scalpel and a bone saw to address the same problem. That difference is not that hard to tell. And in business, all you need is a little marketing common sense:

  • Using a scalpel – When it comes to B2B marketing and generating health leads, the first thing you need is attention. You want to present your business image and attract the interest of your market. This same market has an established need, a set budget, and the position to authorize the purchase. There are various methods and tools like telemarketing and social media. Each carries a certain risk but you must take those risks because your business needs to get out there and meet with people.
  • Using a bone saw – There are some methods however that, despite promising high rewards, have risks that your business might not survive through. Do not be so easily tempted by such rewards. Have you considered the long-term consequences? Do you think money is the only thing that you are risking with this tactic? What about your reputation? How much is that worth to you? Are you prepared for the worst-case scenario? How much does this method leave in your control?

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Obviously, people exercise much more care when handling a bone saw compared to a scalpel. (And if not, congratulations, you are officially scaring people.) But for marketing, some methods are arguably so risky, it might be better not to delve into them at all. A few of them would include:

  • Tying yourself to politics – Just because healthcare has been the subject of political debate does not give you any license to just jump right in. On subjects like this, tensions run high and your viewpoints can wind up more emotionally skewed (and not to mention, off-topic). Avoid getting caught up in election hype and keep your sales lead generation focused on the objectives of your business.
  • Overusing celebrity connections – These days even B2C companies are wary about tying their brand image with that of a well-known public figure. And the farther these superstars are from your niche, the worse you will be doing if you think of parading them around. What you may not realize is that you are tying your brand image to theirs, not the reverse.

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  • Overspending on ‘new’ marketing tools – New or old, no marketing tool is mastered overnight and no amount of money is necessarily going to accomplish that for you. Instead of always jumping on the latest trend, check how much you are spending and actually measure it against how much you are earning. Start controlling your marketing budget before it devours itself!

Again, no matter how many B2B sales leads you will generate, there is no point if it results in your entire business cutting itself.

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