Sales Leads – Balancing Between Promotion And Engagement

Sales Leads, Medical Sales Leads, Lead GenerationCustomer engagement has been given higher priority recently, even when attracting sales leads from healthcare organizations and medical institutions. And with social media leading the charge, many of the social networking companies are only pushing forward.

So far, LinkedIn has proven to be at the head when it comes to B2B marketing and sales leads. And according to Entrepreneur, recent changes on the website are already reflecting their insistence on engagement even in the B2B sphere:

The new LinkedIn website focuses on engaging LinkedIn members which will keep them on the site longer and entice them to return more frequently.”

Do take note, however, that social media by itself doesn’t automatically make up a complete marketing strategy for generating leads. If you take a look at any form of communication, most of them can be tailored to conduct one form of engagement or another. Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget your main purpose either. You may not want to do it so blatantly, but your objective is still a form of promotion.

The bigger question now is how does one promote one’s business when the idea of engagement seems wholly contrary to the ideal.

Well, the article talks about three things people should know about LinkedIn’s new company pages. But on third, there is where you’ll find your clue:

This change lets you prominently feature products and services above-the-fold on the home page instead of being hidden on an internal page. This change will give your products and services significantly more exposure to your LinkedIn community and encourage more interaction with your brand.”

They keyword is exposure, which, ironically was what many B2B companies had been primarily using social media for. Though don’t forget that, while the promotional aspect should happen through exposure, engagement should serve to supplement it.

For example, if you’re marketing medical devices and have placed suitable images of what you can sell to doctors, some of these doctors might have questions to ask. This is where engagement comes in but furthermore, it can go beyond comments on a company page. In fact, if your clients would really want to go one-on-one with you, a telemarketing call or an email exchange could accomplish that much more than just merely social media.

People have this mistaken notion that any form of product promotion shows that you’re just out to sell. You don’t want to talk or engage about whatever issues your target market has with a product or service. On the contrary though, B2B marketing calls, business email exchanges, and now B2B social media have always focused on transparency between businesses and customers. Besides, how else could you qualify medical sales leads if you don’t find a way to talk one-on-one with every prospect? How do you expect to learn of their specific needs and get an understanding of their situation?

This too is also another way of showing how engagement and promotion go hand-in-hand. Getting a prospect interested is something they’re both meant to do and helping each other is the best way to keep them balanced in the eyes of prospects.

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