Qualifying Sales Leads – Strange Gatekeepers

There are some potential sales leads that lead you to eccentric clients and there are some that already connect with strange gatekeepers. Granted, getting stuck at the gatekeeper is already a bad sign. But when that gatekeeper alone is a weird nut to crack, is there any hope of counting this prospect among your sales leads?

Maintaining Sanity When Qualifying These Sales Leads

Sales Leads, B2B Sales Leads, Lead GenerationBusiness executives are not the only type of sales leads that have gatekeepers and secretaries at the door. Doctors also have their own assistants. And when it comes to that role, plenty of people think up of a lot positions. And just as popular imagination is full of strange doctors, the same goes for their assistants. They may or may not exist in real life but guess what? The basics of qualifying health leads can still play a role in getting past these strange gatekeepers. Whether there are really assistants like that, it only goes to show how qualifying sales leads the usual way remains to be the best way regardless of extraordinary circumstances.

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To illustrate, here are a few examples straight out of TV:

  • The Igor – It is hard to imagine a mad scientist without this classic lackey. From getting electrocuted when pulling switches to locking up the latest abomination, little Igor does every mundane task, including answering phone calls from marketers trying to make sales leads out of his master. What do you do? Avoid sounding like a salesman for starters. These types are highly sensitive to those who they feel will just waste their master’s precious time. Review what he or she does if you have something that can help with their grand experiment (though on the ethical side, you might want to think twice about including a super villain in your sales leads).
  • The Hot Nurse – Okay so you are browsing social media sites for your sales leads and stumble upon a possible prospect’s profile. Out of the corner of your eye, you also see their assistant’s profile and realize it matches a hot chick you saw on Facebook. Sounds cheesy? Well rare as they may be, pretty nurses can exist in real life. However, do not forget that you are contacting for B2B sales leads. Make sure you or anyone reponsible for generating those sales leads does not use your campaign as an excuse to get a date. Do not flirt. Do not make lewd comments. Always be professional and courteous.
  • The Cranky Nurse – Opposite to the hot nurse are those snarky, fat ones you sometimes see on sitcoms. Be warned though, these folks have more real-life counterparts than the previous ones. Is it time to find other new sales leads? Remember, qualifying leads requires a polite and sympathetic approach. Avoid acting like an eager salesman, tell them what you are calling for, and avoid snapping back if it starts going bad. No amount of sales leads is worth bad conduct on your part.

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They are probably even stranger gatekeepers to encounter in your pursuit of sales leads. But with just the three examples above, B2B lead generation should not be just as nutty. Approach these people just as normally as you would approach any other prospect for your sales leads.

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