Outsourced Telemarketing Services – Turning Dependence Into Strength

Dependence can be a form of weakness but like any weakness, it can be turned into a strength. However, the specifics of doing so are also exclusive to the idea of dependence.

For example, take depending on outsourced telemarketing services to keep your leads coming in and keeping business afloat. It can be like a cripple depending on a crutch or an invalid who has to breathe through a respirator.

However, fiction is filled with popular tropes that turn such dependence into lethal weapons or superpowers. You think you can do the same with outsourced telemarketing? Let’s find out.

Look at Daredevil, who lost his sight but wound up having his other senses amplified. To an extent, Iron Man is similar. What started as a power source to help protect his heart soon began to power his infamous armor.

One way or another, they turned dependence into strength. The question is, how can you tell a similar story with your dependence on telemarketing?

1. What did you lose?

Just like how someone loses an arm, what did you lose in that you needed to outsource your telemarketing? Lower sales? Poor in-house performance? Rediscovering your main purpose will serve as the basis of finding ways to take advantage of your company’s own ‘disability.’

2. What can be added to it?

Collaboration is critical to any outsourcing relationship. Regular meet-ups with your provider keep you in the loop on their performance. But more importantly, they can help you find areas to improve. These don’t necessarily have to require paying more money. Changing strategies and finding other use for telemarketing resources don’t cost much if at all. For example:

  • You can use them after getting a lot of good contacts at a medical tradeshow. It’s just a simple act of providing your own data. Heck, it could even mean lower costs of outsourcing since you’re actually less dependent on an outsourced company’s own database.
  • Customer retention programs don’t have to rule out outsourcing either. Instead of generating new leads, strengthening the relationship you have with current customers is just a matter of changing the list and changing the script.

3. How willing are you to invest?

Again, while this hardly raises the cost of outsourcing, you should be prepared to make several investments in your own business. It’s like how, in science-fiction, people start adding more to a cybernetic arm than just the prosthetic. Was it the prosthetic that put on all that gear? Generally, that’s never really the case.

It’s the same concept here. You can actually outsource plenty of good telemarketing companies but they can’t always ‘add’ something to themselves. Most likely it would still be up to you to provide not just a particular list or a dictate a particular strategy. The good news is that this actually complements the cost-effective benefits of outsourcing. What you save can be used to improve other areas of a business.

So there you have it, a little guide to turning your dependence on telemarketing into a force that can really drive revenue into your business. You don’t have to start suffering without a crutch but instead, show willing you are to actually do more with it.

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