Mobile Marketing: Mobile Messaging for B2B and B2C use

Mobile marketing is special in that it requires your audience to opt-in and is therefore a great way to communicate with highly engaged buyers. And because they’re more engaged, they’re more likely to respond to your calls-to-action, driving more conversions and revenue down the line. So, taking advantage of their interest to the fullest by implementing the right tactics and here are one of the example of how a marketer can do this.Mobile Messaging for B2B and B2C use

Traditionally, mobile messaging came in two flavors: SMS (Short Message Service), which is your traditional text-only message and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), which can include pictures, videos, audio, and more. But with the emergence of messaging apps like SnapChat, WeChat, and LINE, mobile messaging goes beyond the standard text message to a buyer’s platform of choice.

However, SMS and MMS are still incredibly powerful channels when you consider the fact that the open rate of SMS is 98%, according to VentureBeat, and MMS messages have an average click-through rate of 15%. Talk about access! But, use that access with caution–because it’s often a personal device, it’s important that your activities and communication don’t feel spammy or like an invasion.

One of the best ways to leverage SMS/MMS is to set up a shortcode, which is a numeric code that can be acquired from your wireless provider that acts as a URL replacement. Using your shortcode, you can send a mobile message to your audience that reads something like this: “Text ‘shop’ to 99999 and receive a 10% coupon towards your next purchase.” Bed Bath and Beyond, for example, sends 20% coupons to their subscribers and asks them to text ‘resend’ if they need the link again. This is an easy way for brands to drive engagement at scale, since the same shortcode can be used for mobile users within different area codes.

Whether you’re a small business, selling to businesses, a global enterprise or a consumer company—your followers, fans and potential buyers are using mobile devices. Meet them where they are by finding the opportunities in your organization to incorporate some of these mobile tips.

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