Medical Telemarketing Tips – Talking About Dependency

Any form of dependency can get unhealthy (some quicker than others). You have drug dependency but you also dependency on technology, data, government aid, venture capital… For medical practices, the list is endless.

However, just as you would carefully approach one person about their addictions, you need to do with same when telemarketing to these organizations.

Convincing people they have a dependency problem is hard as it is enough but it’s a common subject in healthcare. Why not extend the same courtesy to organizations that are exceedingly dependent on other things?

Just as there are steps to combating addiction, there are steps to this as well:

  • Step #1: Identify the addiction – Your first set of qualifying questions should identify what exactly a prospect is hooked on. Sometimes, even if you can identify a problem, your business may not have the solution.
  • Step #2: Ask about the symptoms – Once you know what they’ve been counting on too much, you can then make them consider it. For instance, ask about alternatives to their dependence. Can you change their minds about it or have they tried it before?
  • Step #3: Give statistics – If they’re looking to be convinced, you’ve made progress. However, you still need to the actual convincing. Give statistics on the negative effects of their dependency. They’ll need something to convince their peers.
  • Step #4: Back off early – However, don’t push too hard. You’re not the sales rep. Once you’ve shown them a little bit of data, just step back. Give them time to think about it as their organization circulates the information.
  • Step #5: Follow-up – The previous step is obviously to prepare you for follow-ups. Consistently calling back, at the right time, and with the intention to educate makes it easier for prospects to open up.

Take note that not some prospects find their problems easier to admit than others. It’s the same with individuals. Helping them curb unhealthy dependencies that have rooted in for so long might take some time to uproot. Don’t be too frustrated when some of them aren’t buying it. Give them time to sort it out themselves.

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