Medical Lead Generation – Assert Your Industry Expertise!

Health LeadsOne of the risks encountered in any medical lead generation campaign is a lack of industry expertise. Then again, this is exactly why you need to stay competitive and not just count on marketing efforts to substitute for quality medical tools and services. Once you’ve got that covered, why is it still important to assert such expertise? Doesn’t it come off as bragging? Can’t you just let the results speak for themselves?

The problem is some prospects might insist that they can get by on their own without caring for results. They believe they know enough about what they need in terms of technology and skills required to handle it themselves. Medical lead generation is supposed to either keep this from happening or at least minimize the damage that will result from this behavior.

Yes, you read that right. This attitude could land your prospects in trouble.

But first, why do some of them feel so confident about their decision to ignore an industry expert such as yourself? The real reason is because many healthcare customers from B2B to B2C have more sources of information. Most of it is attributed to the Internet as well as the increased capacity for businesses to gather data.

As far as healthcare is concerned though, there is still plenty of room for an expert’s view and plenty of room for these new information sources to be in grave error. For example, you have EMR/EHR technology. Many doctors and hospital managers doubt their usefulness. However, those who do still tend to have a poor understanding of it because they’re still medical professionals first and IT experts second. It’s the same case with vendors of medical electronic equipment like alerts, measuring devices, and imaging hardware. They’re doctors first, engineers second. A few google searches might not suffice so you need to bridge the knowledge gap between your expertise and theirs.

This is what it means to assert your industry expertise. You need to show you know more about your own field than what your prospects’ sources tell them. And if you’ve invested in the technology and the skills a lot longer than they have, then you’ll definitely be right. It’s not just a call to improve the overall quality of your business but asserting that quality, that industry expertise.

Try doing some of the following:

  • Medical Events – You can either join one or organize one yourself. Either way, use the event to help demonstrate what you know. The internet has not only allowed information to disseminate but misinformation as well. Setting up a booth or an entire program dedicated to dispelling these misconceptions can shows that you know better. Try to maximize the turn-out and inform both doctors as well as regular people on the flaws of these misconceptions.
  • Email and Web Advisories – Another way to counter medical misconceptions is to do it in closer proximity to the source: the internet. Set up a website filled with brief but informative FAQ pages. Your emails should have similar content. You can also leave a phone number and outsource a medical call center for those who want further clarification.
  • Ask Critical Questions – If you’re marketing more directly (e.g. B2B telemarketing or email marketing), try to ask questions that are of a slightly higher grade and it would take more than a quick search through Wikipedia just to answer. Also, don’t hesitate to use it as an opportunity to create awareness of prevalent medical issues (e.g. unsupervised medication).
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