Lead Generation Tips – Stop Saying “I Give up” On Decision Makers

When you are targeting healthcare practitioners, your health sales lead generation process can sometimes get both repetitive and frustrating. There never seems to be any time for them to be on the phone or to read an email! Does this mean you should just give up on it all? Are you really wasting all the money you spent on your lead generation campaign?

Some Lead Generation Tactics Involve Reaching Them Through Other People


When it really looks like that you only have the gatekeeper to talk with, then why not use other lead generation tools to just have them deliver the message? Now of course there are many objections to that, but they do not excuse you from facing them one by one and looking deeper for a solution to your lead generation woes.

photo-5-e1359318654713Do not be quick to finalize – Your B2B or B2B health leads take a process to qualify. Getting something voicemail would sooner be a bigger reason to hang up than what is otherwise another human being. Why not ask these people for the information you are looking for? It may take a lot to finish the lead generation process for just one lead, but it does not take a lot just to start it.

Learn when to follow-up – If you are afraid that your messages will just get tossed in the trash, at least you had just a little bit more information about your prospect than when you contacted them for the first time. Follow-ups are a staple in any B2B lead generation strategy. Sadly, many fail to do them because they forget that calling will serve as a reminder that you have indeed sent your message.

Check for any woes affecting the gatekeeper – A problem in a prospect practice is a problem that affects all, including the gatekeeper. Your lead generation tools are meant for discovering problems too. Why are you not just getting even just a small hint at what is troubling the prospect’s business situation? You may not need to mention them or think they have the authority, but more information always helps.

A gatekeeper is not necessarily your enemy. Just because you cannot get straight to a busy doctor or dentist does not mean they close themselves off to anyone trying to help them. You just have to make your lead generation strategy a little friendlier whenever it is them who answer in the prospect’s place. There are still things to know that might mark them as possible qualified health leads.

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