Lead Generation Tips – When Fear Drives Your Marketing

Can fear play a role in your lead generation campaign? Is it a good thing or not? Surprisingly, the answer can be either yes or no. As marketing is just as much about dealing with facts, it still also has dealings of the emotional kind (even when it is B2B). When it comes to dealing with fear, you need to know where it strikes, what more specific elements it drives, and how it can hinder or help your marketing strategy.

Where Fear Haunts Lead Generation

Lead Generation, Healthcare Lead Generation, Sales LeadsImagine your marketing strategy is in a haunted house or better yet, a haunted facility of sorts. Ghosts are everywhere but certain types also exist in certain areas. Hospitals are often the subject of many horror stories so that should not be to difficult. So where do the ghosts of fear lurk in the areas of your lead generation process? How do you know if they are really friendly or really frightening?

  • Fear behind your marketers and salespeople – Some marketers and sales professionals us fear to motivate themselves. They fear missing out on opportunities. They fear the inability to achieve their quotas. Their minds are haunted by thoughts of profits no longer covering for costs. While these fears are natural to anyone in business, they are not a healthy driving force. Whether these are people are your own or are outsourced, you will attract more health leads with confidence than anxiety.
  • Fear behind methods – Some marketing and lead generation tools have been so badly stigmatized to the point that people fear using them. That comes with the side-effect of opting out tools that might actually benefit your campaign. Still, you might also have a point when your fears are well-founded on why some methods are not appropriate for approaching an industry. If you want a straight answer though, you need to really focus on the facts. For example, will telemarketing really worsen your marketing situation in terms of lead output or are you just going by how a lot of people antagonize it?

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  • Fear behind your prospects – It is not surprising if a prospect comes to you with a need that is driven by fear. For example, some prospects fear being unable to meet compliance and suffering penalties. Other times your lead generation campaign attracts prospects who fear for the health of their patients. Fears like this can actually be due to an increased awareness of negative possibilities. Chances are, your marketing has played a role and that is not a bad thing. The technique is to focus on the proper level of urgency. That way, should you be accused of fear-mongering, you can show why some problems should be rightfully feared.
  • Fear behind images – Sometimes fear could always be due to the images that are always involved in healthcare lead generation. Sometimes you might encounter prospects with a public image you find intimidating at the very least. But just like with methods, you need to check how justified these fears really are. Is the prospect really what they seem or are you just marketing based on stereotypes? For example, just because your prospect doctor works in a prison or an asylum does not always mean they are where they work.

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Fear may be portrayed negatively at times but it can also be a lifesaver when viewed in the right context. And when you generate sales leads, you need to take that context into account.

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