Lead Generation Tips – Types Of Pleasing Content

Using content in lead generation is pretty common but first-timers should always do their best to avoid common mistakes. One of them is content that is often not pleasing and is either drawn out or just excessively promotional. To use content like that for lead generation, you need to think like a librarian.

Different Genres Of Good Lead Generation Content

Lead Generation, Healthcare Lead Generation, Appointment SettingPopular traits for marketing content include creativity, placement, and a good understanding of your audience. For example, lead generation campaigns that target healthcare use content that deals with the culture and ideas in the industry. Even those conducting lead generation for other industries still take time to specialize their content within the context of health and medicine.

Well, that’s the ideal. However, there are actually many ways that content can appeal and attract medical leads. They are like the different genres or sections in a library. Your lead generation campaign needs to organize and plan its content much like how the librarian arranges books. And while they have fiction, non-fiction, romance, or science, marketers have informative, entertaining, or seasonal content.

  • Entertaining – Whether its humor blogs or funny videos, even B2B lead generation. allows room for something a lot less serious. Pull something crazy some time like comparing facility management to managing the Enterprise from Star Trek. Tell comedy stories that actually happened in your line of work. Sometimes serious business can benefit from not always being serious.

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  • Informative – Content that has valuable information can also make for a pleasing read. In fact, healthcare lead generation campaigns qualify faster when a prospect is more educated about what is being offered. Examples of informative content can be press releases, announcements, basic layout of the product, and also any material that increases awareness of important healthcare issues.

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  • Seasonal – You can release special content to match a seasonal theme. Promos and discounts can work to your lead generation advantage as well. If you are a wholesaler for example, now could be a good time to announce a holiday sale. You could also create content that offers discounts to non-profit practices who might get very active with things like charity work.
  • Opinionated – This can be a mix of both entertainment and informative content. The result though can be used to showcase that your business still very human. Despite the promotional nature of lead generation and marketing, you need to express that side every now and then. It shows that your company is run by people who are not out of touch with the rest of the world.

This might surprise you but you do not necessarily have to limit your lead generation campaign to using one type of content. Rather, just as the best libraries are full of different books, the best campaigns use a good mix of different content. This variety allows lets you appeal to all different types of prospects for your appointment setting services. Diversify your lead generation content today!

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