Lead Generation Tips – Tell What Prospects Sign Up For

Lead generation campaigns commit a mortal sin when they do not tell prospects what they are signing up for. You get so much advice on how to sell something but have you ever tried to put yourself in another’s shoes when it comes to buying? Chances are, there are times when buying advice ends up leaving a stronger impact than your entire lead generation strategy.

Always Avoid Deception In Lead Generation

Lead Generation, Health Lead Generation, Sales LeadsWhen you read marketing or sales content, the advice you get generally involves presenting something of value. Your lead generation campaign should focus on what is most appealing about your business. For example, if your business supplies medical goods to major facilities, then you would usually focus on just what makes your products so necessary in the industry. Meanwhile, the people representing your health leads remain pretty much in the dark when it comes to a lot of other details. Things like pricing, product information, and the mechanics of a promo tend to be squeezed in a small space. The rest of the content remains splashed with numbers that are meant to get attention for lead generation.

Make no mistake, this tactic has its advantages. Getting attention is what B2B marketing and lead generation are all about. Without that attention, you have no influence over buyers and you need that influence to drive sales. The sales in turn will maintain your business and keep it running. However, you have to realize the responsibility you have once you have that influence and how mistaken you will be to think prospects will demand to know more.

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To get you started, the following are common questions potential customers will ask (or at least should). If you are not getting these questions, it does not mean you have their trust. It means you are getting that trust without any plans of maintaining it.

  • Why does it cost so much? – Every good buyer operates with a budget in mind. Hence, budget will always be an important detail that needs to be covered in lead generation. A health lead generation strategy that focuses on decorating marketing content will trip up sales efforts all because prospects have no idea how much your services or supplies will actually cost them (and why).
  • Can you explain why this happened? – Some medical businesses had the misfortune of committing mistakes. Sure, everyone does. You have done everything to make up for it. You are now confident that your new lead generation strategy will inspire new trust. But despite that, you should still hold yourself accountable when need be as well as make a proper defense of your business that sticks only to the facts.

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  • Is your business legit? – The good news is that not all prospects would ask this so bluntly. The bad news is your lead generation strategy can still overlook it from the way it is asked more subtly. Bad practices will result in bad press. Bad press is bad for lead generation. You not only have to be honest, your honesty should only reveal that you are a business worth working with.

Take note that the above questions are just a few of the most common ones asked. There are plenty others that could trip up your lead generation efforts and delay truly qualified B2B sales leads. The answer to all of them depend on how willing you are to further educate them on what they are signing up for.

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