Lead Generation Tips – Play The Medic’s Role

It is only fitting that a medical lead generation strategy should fulfill the role of the combat medic (or simply medic as they are popularly called). Medics are widely understood to be highly non-aggressive even when they are serving one side of a conflict. And like them, your lead generation process should be geared to a purely supportive role and avoid engaging in the heat of combat.

Redefining Aggressive Lead Generation

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Services, Sales LeadsSome might say that lead generation itself can be pretty aggressive when it comes to finding opportunities. This may not be the same as the combat medic who is virtually rendered incapable of taking part in a fight. But on the contrary, finding medical leads is actually a supportive role first, offensive role second (or even third if you put defensive role in between).

Now medics are popularly recognized for their roles in both real military organizations and fictional ones. More than that, they all emphasize on their tasks as healers and doctors, not gunmen or foot soldiers. It is because of them that soldiers can keep going. Lead generation is the same. You emphasize on its purpose of getting potential customers interested without necessarily attempting a sale. Like medics, your lead generation process keeps your salespeople, your own soldiers, pushing on. Their influence can be just as powerful as either a rain of bullets or a converting sales pitch.

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And since they are so important, they are also a point of vulnerability so their security is highly prioritized. For medics, shooting them is considered a war crime. For lead generation, practices that focus on the infiltration of databases and the theft of information are just as illegal. An investment in either one demands a strong percentage of it to maintaining security such as:

  • Provided cover – Soldiers naturally provide cover to medics preoccupied with emergency tasks. Likewise, your salespeople should be able to provide cover for your marketing and lead generation services. By this, it means they have to stand by what has been promoted to them. Avoid any inconsistent messages being sent by either party.

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  • Added protection – Even though their role is supportive, medics still have a right to protective gear. This makes it easier to keep them safe. For salespeople, this means lead generation should also come with a highly secure database to store business information. You would not want hackers getting a hold of your data and then selling it to unsuspecting competitors.
  • Quick action – Medics must learn to act fast just like any other type of soldier. It is not so hard to figure out why lead generation should not be any slower. The best salespeople have a powerful closing rate that needs the back up of strategies and services combining into a constant stream of opportunities.

At best, the medic’s offensive role is an indirect one just as lead generation is an indirect contributor to successful sales. Your salespeople may be the ones doing all the fighting but it is only through because of their medical sales leads that they can keep fighting.

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