Lead Generation Tips – On Hospitals With A History

Hospitals are a common target for lead generation when you are a supporting healthcare business that likes to aim big. However, never forget that hospitals, whether public or private, are all prestigious institutions. And with that prestige, there comes a lot of history.

Applying History To Lead Generation And Marketing

Lead Generation, B2B Lead Generation, Sales LeadsWhile there is no doubt that there are also hospitals that are relatively young, new, and even have the advanced technology to prove it, many of the well-known ones can be decades old. And even if one particular building has just been constructed, there is also the possibility that is also part of a much older private chain.

Is this important for your lead generation campaign? Obviously yes. And to illustrate that, here are two kinds of history that a hospital could have that might impact the way you market to them, when they are being qualified for health leads, and how your salespeople should be advised when trying to close the deal:

  • Controversial history – Do not be quick to disqualify prospects just because of a past controversy. In fact, any organization that ever managed to thrive beyond the age of 60 will always have skeletons in its own closet. (Yours will not be an exception either.) Still, that is something to think about in terms of what problems you could help with. And if not problems, you should at least be aware of what their history means for their public image. That image will soon tie with yours so be ready to deal with whatever baggage it might bring.

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  • Ancient history – Some hospitals proudly trace their history all the way to the colonial, medieval, or even classical periods! Yes, these are institutions with controversies of their own but more than that, these are places with a distinct image and culture. You will most likely find that they have some adherence to tradition and may even have a strong influence on the local (and perhaps national) community. Given that, it sounds like they will prove difficult to qualify for B2B lead generation. However, it is not impossible (especially if you have already built enough prestige yourself).

As you can see, both types of history have a strong connection to prospect image and again, the image can mean a lot of things (not the least being you will soon be juggling it with yours).

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To prepare for that, your lead generation process should help you brush up on a few history lessons.

  • Step 1: Get all the facts – Learn as much as you can about your prospect from their own marketing materials. When where they established? Who was their founder? What were notable circumstances and trials that the hospital had faced over the years? In the case of controversy, know both sides of the story and if possible, wait for it to resolve if it still has not.
  • Step 2: Take notes – More specifically, take note of how any of these facts can prove informative for your sales team. What problems did you find out that you could be of tremendous help with? Is there actually something you can do to help stem the bad PR of a particular controversy?
  • Step 3: Be polite – And of course, do not forget proper etiquette. No matter what communication you use, you are still engaging with a very prominent institution. When you generate sales leads, always show respect.

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