Lead Generation Tips – Have Your Own Naughty/Nice List

lead generation campaign uses lists that are actually quite like the Naughty and Nice lists used by Santa Claus. On the other hand, the nature of the lead generation process can complicate things when you are trying to figure out which list to put your prospect in.

Qualification – How Lead Generation Knows Naughty From Nice

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Services, Appointment SettingEvery lead generation campaign has a qualification phase (or at least should). It is exactly like Santa’s own little screening process where he starts evaluating every child as being good or bad. And with Santa as a model, here is a rough outline of what every lead generation strategy should implement when qualifying:

  • Check openness to questions – “Have you been very good this year?” That is the question Santa usually asks kids. Drawing from that, your lead generation strategy should start by checking a prospect’s openness to questions. This is one of the simplest ways to spark and confirm interest. In the case of your health leads though, the questions do not necessarily have to start provoking defenses.
  • Listening carefully – Kids usually have a lot to say to Santa. It starts with their good deeds they have done but it also goes on to what they want for Christmas. Your lead generation campaign must only employ representatives who are willing to listen just as patiently. Prospects will say a lot of things that could qualify or disqualify them as well as they are currently looking for in the market.

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  • Noting the right details – Speaking of which, a lead generation process knows the clear difference between hearing and listening. Many depictions of Santa highlight his uncanny eyes and ears for detail. Like him, your business must also go beyond what has been said if a prospect has been bad or good.
  • Writes it down – Like Santa, you actually need something more tangible to write your list on. Whereas he has paper (or in some cases a book), your lead generation services must have a large database to record all information that has been received.
  • Helps teach a lesson – Finally, separating prospects this way is not about discrimination. The lesson behind Santa’s lists is that being good is, well, good! And in your case, your lead generation campaign can also be a campaign against prospects who are not being honest with their processes and are guilty of bad medical practices.

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While some prospects might take offense to being put on your naughty list, always remember that it is just the result after trying to qualify them. If they are not open to questions and are more or less lying through their teeth, you are only doing a procedure that is standard to every lead generation process. Start making your Naughty or Nice lists for your own lead generation campaign to improve your B2B appointment setting and sales.

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