Lead Generation Tips – Difficulty And Dr. Mario

Most people view lead generation as a tool to make things easier for their salespeople. On the other hand, it can actually make things harder. Here is the surprise: that is not a bad thing. Crazy as it sounds, there are actually many in the sales profession who embrace challenge more than ease.

How Difficulty Can Grow From Lead Generation

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Services, Sales LeadsOf course, you can coordinate with your lead generator to keep things easy. After all, reckless risk taking is never a good idea. You need to make sure you have the highest chance of success at every opportunity. Still, even in success, there is room for much difficulty to grow.

To illustrate, look at the game Dr. Mario. Like many classical games, it only increases in difficulty after you win. It does not matter how well you match the right drug to the right bug. Your success only means a harder level is on the way.

The same thing can happen in healthcare and for your health leads. Just because you found a prospect and got your sale does not mean it is the end. In fact, just like in Dr. Mario, qualifying more leads only means you have more business relationships to maintain. You have more customers to serve. You need more resources to keep serving.

Unfortunately, there is no denying that too much difficulty leads to a game over. Taking in too many opportunities can be like stuffing yourself until you are sick in the stomach. How do you keep the lead generation process from going out of control?

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  • Know what you are starting with – In Dr. Mario, you notice what colors the next pill is going to be. That helps your mind prepare when Mario finally tosses it. In the same breadth, you need to know what your business has on its hands right now before beginning your lead generation campaign. Things like availability, current resources, and even budget need to be accounted for.
  • Get ready to grow – However, your lead generation services can only make things easy for you for so long. In games, people overlook one other benefit of easy levels: they help you grow. The rest of the game will not be as easy so you need to use the starter levels to grow and learn about what it would take to win. When starting with leads, make sure you do the same thing. Grow.
  • In case of failure, review and recover – Game over? Not quite. Failure can also teach just as much as opportunities can.If you end up collapsing or even just buckling under the weight of your current work load, do not spend so much time moaning. Get up, review, and recover as quickly as possible.

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Your prospects are not the only ones who need to learn something. You also need to teach yourself with each opportunity brought about by your leads. Whether it is difficult or easy, success or failure, make sure your medical sales leads use it all to help you grow.

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