Lead Generation Content Speaks Many Languages

As you know, lead generation uses content that encompasses all different mediums. You have video, text, and visual. However, whichever you use, always know that your lead generation content is actually speaking numerous languages. More than that, it does so all at once.

The Many Languages Spoken To Improve Lead Generation

Lead Generation, B2B Lead Generation, Appointment SettingThese different languages must all be spoken at once if you really want your content to improve your lead generation strategy. Why at once? Two reasons:

  • 1: It’s natural – When you know what these languages are, you realize that speaking them simultaneously is actually a natural consequence.
  • 2: It allows visibility – Ultimately, you want your content to reach out and speak to prospect’s in ways they understand. Such is the point of lead generation content.

Now as to what these languages are:

  • The Language of Optimization – Today, the internet has become a new frontier for marketing and lead generation. With search engines and emails, you have more capacity to reach your market than ever before. However, if you fail to optimize your page with the right keywords, neither your webpage nor your emails will generate health leads. Optimizing is basically speaking the language of either the search engine or the spam filter.
  • The Language of the Market – Essentially, all those keywords are still determined by your market. And while even prospects and search algorithms do not always agree, you should not forget the former. Unfortunately, many lead generation services still make the mistake of caring so much about keywords and not enough about actual, quality content.

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  • The Language of the Industry – By industry, it means yours. While you are usually advised to minimize jargon, that is not the same as using your B2B lead generation content to better prospect’s understanding. You would not be in the business of any healthcare support if that understanding was in anyway lacking.

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Now there is a difference between switching between different languages and speaking them simultaneously. Normally, you would think the latter is impossible. However, it is both possible and necessary for your lead generation content. If priorities among the three are in anyway uneven, it will be like one voice distorting the sound quality of a whole choir.

For this, you need a strategy behind your lead generation content. It has to synchronize these languages, just like you would with voices.

  • Find something in common – The best place to start with is find areas where all three can find some space for each other. For example, in a video, you can use optimization in the description and the title. However, the actual content should be short and understandable to viewing prospects.
  • Diversify mediums – If your lead generation content comprises of only one medium (e.g. visuals), start expanding. This will allow you more freedom to synch all the different languages you need to speak. So if on medium just results in one dominating language (e.g. optimization often dominates website content), you at least have something else to make up for it.
  • Let sales pitch in – Sometimes, content just is not enough to condense all the information. This is should only remind you that lead generation is but one half of the entire sales process. When you are at your limit, do not waste time and use CTAs to push prospects towards sales for B2B appointment setting.

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