Lead Generation And Tropes – A List Of Blog Examples

People like stories. And in lead generation, using stories can be a good way to spice up your content.

Using Stories In Lead Generation

Lead Generation, Medical Lead Generation, Sales LeadsThe following lists contains some blogs that point out interesting connections, similarities, and applications of common story tropes that feature the healthcare industry and how they relate to getting leads.

  • Lead Generation – An Ordinary Process In The Extraordinary: When lead generation gets boring, it gets so bad that you think the process may not exist in a wonderful world full of monsters or superhero doctors. Then again, even the most ordinary things can be necessary in the most extraordinary worlds.
  • Getting Sales Leads Beyond Medical Application: New developments in the field of healthcare are making things that can be applied elsewhere. It does make you wonder though if these applications can be for good or for ill. The process of lead generation can help you find out.
  • Appointment Setting Tips – On Future Tech Hazards: Speaking of developments, this is another blog that discusses the possibility of problems arising from new technologies. VR, space travel, and artificial intelligence have all been explored in fiction. Appointment setters could do well to prepare what issues they might bring.
  • Are There Thernadiers Among Your Sales Leads?: With a film adaptation of Les Miserables on the way, two of its popular antagonists demonstrate exactly the type of prospects you should never do business with. Open hypocrisy, deception, and shoddy billing are just among the many bad practices that the Thernadiers share with the ill-reputed hospitals in real life.

Be it science-fiction, horror, or fantasy, these blogs illustrate how much healthcare features prominently in many stories. And if not the stories themselves, the tropes and archetypes you commonly find in them have a startling resemblance to reality. Most importantly though, they give you a fun perspective of the lead generation process and how this can help you turn stories into a powerful marketing tool to for generating more medical sales leads.

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