Lead Generation – Your Response To Troublemaking Customers

Successful lead generation can attract customers of all types be they good or bad. While it is the ideal to always focus on the customer, that does not mean your customers are gods (in fact, even the gods of myth are not all so kind). However, just as your marketing and sales brought you these customers, they are also your response to them when they start making trouble.

You Can Still Use Lead Generation Tools When They Fail You The First Time

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Services, Sales LeadsNaturally, your lead generator should also have all the knowledge and experience to identify troublesome prospects even before the sale. As a supporter of the healthcare industry, you stand a lot to lose for doing business with those that compromise your integrity. However, there are just those who are exceptionally good at deceiving you. They pulled every trick in the book to get themselves qualified as your health leads.

And once they got what they needed, voila. They managed to steal your trade secrets or worse, use your technology or services for more nefarious purposes. Is it too late for any damage control though? No. Your marketers and lead generation agents can still do something even if they failed to catch the bad guy.

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  • They can announce it to your other customers – Your first tactic of choice is to use their marketing resources to call out the offending customer. The same communication tools you used to engage prospects can now be used to warn them that someone in their ranks has been acting as a spy.
  • It is your way of exercising transparency – Businesses big and small are all called to be transparent. If keeping too many secrets is a bad thing, then you are actually putting yourself at an advantage when you use lead generation services to announce a customer’s offense.
  • They get other customers to help – In business-to-business, both parties are well aware of how unjust a troublemaking customer can be. They also know that if one among them has compromised the products and services they bought, they may as well have compromised their own operations.

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  • It shows you are taking action – They say that it is one thing to talk about action and actually taking it. Ironically, letting the rest of the world know that a customer has robbed you is an action in of itself (if the above tactics are any indication). You may need to do more than just marketing and PR but that does not mean nobody else should know.

In this day and age, expert marketers appear to put much stock in focusing on the customer. That is not an excuse to call out one who is clearly stepping out of line. If anything, the industry of healthcare is the best example of why purchases are regulated. (For example, you cannot just buy any drug without some form of prescription.) Your lead generation tools can not only attract healthcare sales leads but sound the alarm in case your new customer is a troublemaking one.

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