Lead Generation – The B2B Digestive System

Lead generation is the digestive system to any business intent on supporting healthcare. Because like a real digestive system, it is one of the critical means to keep any business entity alive. Whereas food and drink are what first come into the system, their equivalent would be interested prospects.

Easy Parallels Between Lead Generation And Digestion

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Company, Appointment SettingThe following lists the functions of your typical digestive system and how similar processes also occur when you are generating and qualifying medical leads.

  • It breaks things down – Throughout the entire process, from the mouth and all the way to intestines, foodstuff is broken down until it becomes easily absorbed by the body. Your lead generation process is the same. It takes information, breaks it down, and refines it to help salespeople dig deeper into a prospect’s needs.
  • It filters out waste – Another feature of digestion is the filtering of waste. As food is broken down and all the good stuff gets absorbed, the rest is discarded. This is a task that is natural to many appointment setting and lead generation groups. (And on a side note, if you think this stage of digestion is dirty, wait until you see the dirt that lead qualifiers have to throw out).

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  • It is a channel for fuel – Of course, you cannot forget that it also serves as the primary channel for much needed nutrients and energy. In terms of business, the marketing and sales process is also your primary channel through which flows an important resource: Money. Face it. Not even the act of claiming non-profit will save you from the fact that you need money to keep operations going.

However, even the digestive system is prone to attack and your sales process is not exempt from danger either. While the system is perfect for breaking things down, it is also a common entry point for germs, foreign objects, and even poison. The worst part is some of these can easily bypass your immune system. (Example, eating toxic mushrooms.) There is also the more typical danger of unhealthy diets. So just as many health professionals will advise you to watch what you eat, so must you watch carefully for what goes into your sales funnel. It does not matter even if you outsource a lead generation company. You need to act as the brain of your business body because what goes into the process will eventually go into your main system.

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On the other hand, while you may know what is good for the body, you may not know what is good for business. If that is the case, do not worry. Just do what you expect your own clients would do: consult or self-educate. Learn about basic dos and donts just as you would learn about what is good to put in your mouth. Do a bit of marketing research before starting campaigns or consult appointment setting services on what would be the best industries to start with.

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