How Medical Appointment Setters Balance Expecations and Reality

Some of the problems that characterize marketing can reach the point of cliché. And for the medical industry, one such problem is the imbalance between expectations and reality.

Medical appointment setters often feel like they’ve been served the short end of the stick when, say, a medical breakthrough isn’t actually that much of a breakthrough. But when there’s often a shortage of marketable ideas, what can they do?

You can start breaking your big idea down into three questions: What does it do? What stage are you in developing it? What can you offer now?

  • What does it do? – It’s always best to start by simplifying things. From what your company does to what it currently offers, it has to present the right mix of visual and textual content to really engage the people who are interacting with your business. (This is regardless of what medium you use.)
  • What stage are you in? – Once you’ve simplified your ideas, it’s easier to counterbalance it with the reality of how some of them might still be in the works. Even Dr. Sarfaraz Niaz, a leading researcher on biosimilars finds that complications with the FDA can cost as high as $4 million. Letting your customers in on these realities, brings them closer to understanding your value proposition (among other things).
  • What can you offer now? – You might even consider answering this question first. Your prospects are likely busy, even if they managed peruse your content. They did so in the hopes of finding a solution. The sooner you tell them what you have, the sooner they can determine to give you any business.

While many patients and professionals alike are often enchanted by ideas like possible cures to dangerous diseases and increased longevity, it doesn’t happen overnight because of unintended complications. (Here’s another example, just recently a think tank has pressed the FDA regarding the use of an experimental drug in the midst of America’s involvement in the Ebola crisis.)

On the bright side, experienced appointment setters know that the fight never ends there and that your customers shouldn’t be too disappointed.

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