How Lead Generation Can Target Prospects On The Move

If you think lead generation is hard when your prospects are one place, it can get worse when they are always on the move. With healthcare being no pushover when it comes to innovation, there is now a growing movement in the industry to make it go mobile.

Getting Lead Generation To Stay On Target

Lead Generation, Medical Lead Generation, TelemarketingThis is not just about the software movement to implement mobile apps in healthcare (although that too may soon play a part). This is about the whole concept of making healthcare more accessible by bringing it to patients instead of the other way around. Everything from vehicles to portable devices could find themselves a place in this movement (and as a result, a possible B2B market for medical leads).

Unfortunately, the ideal behind this movement also winds up as an obstacle for any business who wants to take part. How do you get in touch with something that is always on the move (e.g. mobile clinic)? It seems that no mater what type of communication method you pick, they all run into problems.

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  • Email – It sounds convenient at first but what are the odds of your message being read while they are on the road? High? Low? Unable to determine? What if they are beyond the conventional reach of any form of internet access (wi-fi included)? Despite making its own revolution in lead generation, email marketing may have met its match.
  • Social media – Even more revolutionary than email is social media marketing. Then again, they still share the same weaknesses of internet dependency. You also have the risk of social media often having different impressions on a prospect. Medical lead generation might see success when marketing to some but not others.
  • Telemarketing – Calling a mobile number for marketing is generally a bad idea. Such numbers have a tendency to fall under anti-marketing protection. Even if telemarketing can reach them in places where internet cannot, that does not mean your lead generation services will be allowed to.

So what now? How do you get a prospect that is never in one place to hold on and talk for a minute?

Actually, that is the key: talking only for a minute.

The concept of mobilizing healthcare is still pretty new and its proponents are not blind to the obstacles that you are facing. It may very well be an obstacle for all parties involved (and want to get involved). The bright side to this is that they are actually quite open to your assistance (especially when they are just starting out). All that is left is the challenge of staying in touch during lead generation:

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  • Step 1 – Quickly spark their interest: Obviously you need to get them interested first and you need to do it fast. Do not spend too much time pitching but simply tell them that you have something to help them around and leave something they can contact you with.
  • Step 2 – Follow-up when you see them again: If you see them again, your lead generation plan is working. If not, you can still help it along. Give them another brief call or message to see how they are doing. Outsource both email and telemarketing services if you have to. So long as you value those minutes, you can market to prospects who are always on the move.

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