Healthcare Lead Generation Tips – Sending Your Own Egg Basket

Health Care Lead GenerationIt’s nearly Easter. And like Halloween, Valentines, and Christmas, plenty of B2B marketers are decking their websites, ads, and other materials with the appropriate icons. In this case, it’s eggs, bunnies, and the chocolate inside all of them.

And if you’re targeting hospitals and clinics, there’s probably an even higher chance that they’ve adopted similar decorations.

What does this have to do with lead generation? Well, if you’re planning to make calls and set appointments you’ve got to make sure your own Easter message isn’t mixed up in all the others.

Imagine it this way. Say you decided to deliver Easter greetings as a means of reaching to current customers. However, are you just going to be one more organization who sends bunny gift cards or do you distinguish yourself as a B2B business?

It doesn’t have to be serious

Being serious isn’t always synonymous with B2B. It’s closer to just being more complicated. That’s actually what you need to impress when you differentiate yourself from all the other Easter messages prospects receive.

Marketing a complicated product or service though always carries with it the threat of information overload. No doubt that’s the reason why you don’t think you can deliver a unique Easter message without discarding a lot of the big business talk.

What if that’s not the case?

In case you’ve forgotten, there are at least two traits that distinguish B2B companies from B2C brands. One is their products but you also have their marketing channels.


What are the mainstream channels employed in B2B marketing and lead generation? You have:

  • Email
  • Telemarketing
  • Social Media
  • Tradeshows

Within each of these different types of channels, you could already begin to distinguish yourself. Telemarketing for example, can be used to qualify current customers or conduct surveys and after which you give them a little “Easter egg” as a reward. The ‘egg’ could be in the form of cheaper renewals, supplementary products etc. Most of the time, prospects see Easter messages on websites, commercials, and mainstream advertising. They don’t expect them to hear it in the form of business call but it’s a different case if it came from you.


Suppose you are a vendor of EMR systems and you use a cloud-based subscription model. Asides from typical B2B marketing channels, why not use your own product to send the message? It can be as simple as putting an Easter-themed patch on the next update or a seasonal promo to reward users.

You can also include similar material when you’re selling to doctors and medical professionals. While consumers expect typical chocolate or knick-knacks, professionals are more impressed with things that can help them during daily tasks.

Giving an Easter message in the style of B2B marketing isn’t as hard or complicated as it sounds. You just need to draw upon what set B2B companies apart from B2C, mainly their products and unique marketing channels.

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