Health Sales Leads – Qualify Them Like A Health Inspector?

It is easy to see the similarities between qualifying sales leads and acting like a health inspector. Inspectors look for violations and anything that would compromise public health. Qualifiers look out for anything that would compromise the health of your other sales leads.

When And When Not To Act Like A Health Inspector For Sales Leads

Sales Leads, Generate Sales Leads, Appointment SettingHowever, just how far should you be like an inspector for marketing? There are parallels sure but that does not make the completely the same. For one thing, your sales leads have an importance that differs from the importance of maintaining public health. That difference should be noted or else you could turn off a lot of your prospects.

How qualifiers are unlike health inspectors:

  • Authority – Unless you have proof, you do not have any license to play the same kind authority as a certified health inspector. These people actually have the political power to shut places down. When your health leads are disqualified, they are simply taken of your marketing list.
  • Observations – Inspectors observe compliance and have eye out for clear hazards. Qualifying business leads on the other hand is a lot more limited. Generally, you can only engage with a prospect and just have to take word for it. You cannot really pay a visit until they are beyond the point of being medical leads and are now official clients.
  • Goals – While the ultimate goal of a healthier goal is something you both share, you have other goals that serve as the means. Their goal is to identify violators and discourage illegal, environmentally harmful practices. Your goal is to support health practices from within and improve their services by qualifying them as sales leads.

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Having a confused perception of these three will not only cost your sales leads but it could also lead to serious charges. You do not want your marketers being accused of impersonating government officials. Inspecting the quality of sales leads is still strictly a business process and is not meant to hand out the same kinds of approvals and evaluations as actual health inspectors.

But even as you are different, you cannot forget the things you take out of their book when you generate sales leads.

How qualifiers are like health inspectors:

  • Expertise – Like them, the prospects listed among your sales leads can learn from you. Whether it is corrections or simple observations, both can teach any practitioner how to do their job better. You should not hesitate to share your expertise and prove your points.

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  • Suggestions – Health inspectors make recommendations so that violations can be avoided. You can actually go beyond that and improve the quality of your health leads by making suggestions that give value to what they do. Not only will you attract other sales leads, prospects will be encouraged to opt for quality instead of just following minimal requirements.
  • Services – Following suggestions is the idea that you provide a service. Inspectors serve the general public by making sure businesses and establishments do not pose a serious threat to the safety and physical well-being of citizens. Along that same line, your sales leads should only guide you to opportunities to maintain that safety and improve that well-being.

All of this goes in the single process of lead qualification. You may lack the authority and operate differently but make sure your B2B appointment setting process takes a lesson from a health inspector’s work ethic.

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