Health Leads Tip: A Clear Mind Can Go A Thousand Miles

There’s no doubt that when you’re talking to someone, your mind always wander around. Your thoughts aren’t clear and you tend to say “Excuse me?” Because you didn’t listen to what that person is saying.

Our mind is hard to tame, as a writer, I can honestly tell you that my mind always tend to wander when I’m writing. But once my mind is focused, I can tell you that I can write what I want to with ease.

When it comes to marketing, your thoughts are the only one that can save you from a bad sales deal. When a prospect or a client become more aggressive than before, surely you’ll panic and say the wrong thing, this will destroy your relationship with them.

I have an unclear mind every time I talk to someone, I can honestly say that. “Why? Because it’s true”. But when an interesting topic comes to hand, my mind instantly becomes focused on that topic. Crazy, isn’t? But here’s how my mind works:


Without a doubt, everyone will be captivated when an interesting topic suddenly appears. News, Articles, Celebrity scandals and other stuff that can lure people’s mind to wander. I am in love with information, I just like how they can be so accurate at some point. And of course, I applied what I learn in my daily life. So I could tell you this; when you began talking about something interesting, surely your prospects can stay a little bit.


Information is essential for many marketers, that’s why we, as a writer needs to gather as much information as needed and spread it to the world, through our blogs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your experience in your blogs or article. Readers need the writer’s experiences to make it believable, and I can honestly say that I only believe blogs when it’s in first person POV. Prospects might be listening to what you have been sharing, so it’s better if you can include your experience or knowledge even further


“You can control your mind”

As I said before, the mind is a wonderful thing. When our mind wanders, we get to think all sorts of ideas that we haven’t even thought of. But for some reason, when you say it out loud, it sounds ridiculous. But to tell you the truth, as a writer, this is my source of getting the best idea i can possibly think off. well, of course i do a little bit research before posting it.

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