Health Care: A Drug that’s Hard to Swallow, Daraprim

Daraprim (Pyrimethamine), a drug that kills parasites just gotten expensive overnight, from $13.50 a pill into $750. After the right to distribute the drug were obtained by Turing Pharmaceutical’s CEO Martin Shkreli. Well, there’s no doubt that this person just made public enemy number one overnight.

Well, I can’t say for certain what this person is thinking but surely it has to do with profits, and yes it does. Shkreli raise its price for profits. Lots of Profit. Well, Shkreli isn’t what you called a great marketer but a “JESTER in MARKETING. He became a joke to everyone, when he said that the profit will be used to make improvements to the 62 years old drug recipe but come on, we aren’t born yesterday to be fooled by that idiotic explanation.



Maybe he’s thinking “Ah, Daraprim is the most important medication, maybe we should acquire the rights for it and boost its price by 5000%” well, that’s a bold strategy if I do say so. Yes, Daraprim is one of the most important medication, that’s why we shouldn’t be lay our hands with its price.



If you’re thinking that you should acquire the most important thing in the world and boost the price of it, then you should be going to an asylum hospital and have your mind check-up. You shouldn’t be reasoning out that it’s for improvements or you that it’s for the good of the people because it’s not. With our economic differences and livelihood, most of us can’t afford what we need or might need in the near future.

To be a good marketer, you should take into reconsider your customer and the people who needs that product. Surely if the manufacturing price isn’t that high, you shouldn’t make your product’s price any more expensive.

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