Getting Your Health Leads Into Character

Knowledge of buyer personas is one of the essential basics of lead generation. You cannot define your health leads unless you know the different types of clients you usually run into. The different personas could be constructed based on your experience or a shift in your marketing strategy, but it diversifies your target market all the same.

On the other hand, there are times when a lead doesn’t seem to fall under a particular persona. What then? For those using personas for the first time, this is usually the point where the system is discarded and that’s bad. It’s like discarding a better way to personalize drug dosages just because nobody did it right the first time. If that didn’t stop entrepreneurs from trying, then it shouldn’t stop you from doing the same with your health leads.

Think of your health lead as an actor and you need them to get into character. Unlike in theatre though, there’s more emphasis on getting the character to fit rather than the other way around.

  • Start with the most distinguishing trait – Both your personas and your actual prospects must have a single defining trait. It could be something like business size (e.g. SME, corporation, independent contractor etc.) or development phase (e.g. startup, franchise chain, mega corp) . What’s important here is to start with something they have in common as well as something that strongly defines them.
  • Use symbolism – Whether you’re using a sophisticated CRM tool or just creating your own category system on paper, try to be more symbolic. Look at how this interface designer perfectly captured certain business personas and represented them as the titular creatures from the Pokemon franchise. Other media franchises like Disney have done this all the time (whether it’s naming clothing lines or food after their own cartoon characters).
  • Consider creating more personas – Finally, you can always just create a really unique, one-of-a-kind persona that perfectly describes a prospect. If some of them just can’t be pigeon holed, they deserve recognition for having a very unique and challenging set of requirements and pain points for your sales reps.

In some ways, it’s actually a lot simpler than acting. By just picking out defining traits, a bit of symbolism, and the option to create a new persona if all else fails, it’s not that hard to get your leads into character.

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