Getting Sales Leads Beyond Medical Application

Just because you targeted healthcare as your first industry for sales leads does not mean your medical device can be limited to it. In fact, try this little thought experiment. Look at the wheel. All by itself. Note that despite its simple concept, this little shape has become a primary component in many industry devices (automobile, manufacturing, energy etc). The label rarely has any bearing on that function.

When Sales Leads Can Be Found Outside Medicine

The field of medicine is no stranger to seeing its creations used outside of health. On further reflection however, is that always a good thing? Look at steroids for instance or certain drugs. When first conceived, they had but one purpose. But now, there is no shortage of controversy regarding their misuse (whether it involves a disgraced athlete or the drug cartel). Obviously, these are far from the ideal businesses you would want as your sales leads.

But to be fair, non-medical uses are not inherently evil either but simply points to other possibilities. The big questions are:

  • How willing are you to realize these possibilities?
  • How long will these possibilities stay benevolent (or at least neutral)?

Sales Leads, Medical Sales Leads, Appointment SettingThe biggest example today would be powered exoskeletons. And yes, they are real. (Case in point: the HAL 5 developed by Cyberdyne). Now suppose you were a company that developed a similar (or even more powerful) exoskeleton. Do realize the implications of something like that? Do you really think suit that boosts a users strength ten times will only attract medical leads? Obviously not.

In fact, a quick search about real life exoskeletons will also reveal that the technology has possible applications in not only rescue and construction work but also in military! And while the first two may not be so bad, do realize that extending your sales leads to cover the third can have major ethical implications. Are you prepared for the day that your exoskeleton could possibly be weaponized?

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Speaking of which, this will not be the first time the field of medicine has enabled the creation of weapons (e.g. anthrax). Just because they developed a technological one for the first time does not mean your field cannot go back to creating something that could turn a human population into mutants.

Surprisingly, this is not meant to discourage you. Weapons can be used for good or for ill. Your responsibility lies in figuring which of it will be when it comes to qualifying your medical sales leads.

  • Who are you meeting with? – Before the setting an appointment, start with knowing who you are meeting with. If it is not a doctor or a hospital manager, that is the first sign. If your appointment setting process has only been used to receive those types of prospect, they might be caught unprepared that these leads might not be processed normally.

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  • Get a basic idea on what they want – Minimize the length of the conversation and quickly get to the point: Why would a non-medical group take interest in your product? Sometimes it can be for a surprisingly similar use. Other times, they might propose the possibilities beyond healthcare.

Going back to the example of the wheel, applying a piece of technology is not always defined by the industry that created it. However, make sure your B2B appointment setting process helps guide your decision if certain possibilities are worth realizing.

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