Getting Health Leads from Those Staying Healthy

Handling a sports team can be like handling a business in of itself. The star players aren’t just the employees. The audience is not just the paying customer. It makes sense that plenty of health and fitness related businesses throw their services at their feet as a means to keep everyone in top shape. Look at what Johnson & Johnson is doing as an official sponsor.

These teams however aren’t the only kinds of business prospects that fit this description. If you’re looking for health leads beyond individual care, there are plenty of organizations that demand just as much fitness from their own work force.

Now there are finer points to understanding why a prospect would want to maintain the good health of all its employees. It’s not just so they could win inter-company soccer matches or minimize any need for health insurance. Other reasons include:

  • Physically demanding work-environment – It can be a manual labor job like a mining operation. You also have establishments who are just in the business of working with dangerous environments (e.g. the ocean, the rainforest, mountains).
  • Ties between health and productivity – This isn’t just obscure ties between stress and labor. This is about labor that has a direct link with a person’s health. For example, jobs that require a certain degree of muscle shouldn’t have employees that slack off at the gym.
  • High cost of injury – Some businesses aren’t shy of stating their work is dangerous and they just can’t do much to care for injury. Hence, they invest in things that allow them to prevent it. That includes eating right, proper protocol, strong protocols.
  • Federal standards might apply – The need to maintain safety and fitness can be a federal standard in some industries. Think health inspection only it extends further to the well-being of employees. This would leave plenty of businesses in search of providers.

There are plenty of businesses and professions out there that directly place their value on fitness as a valuable asset. Therefore, any other business that is willing to help them maintain will find itself in demand. The sports teams won’t be the only qualified health leads you can generate from this.

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