Generate Healthcare Sales Leads To Assist Doctors To Monitor Medications!

Medical LeadsWhether it’s those in private practice or those working in medical institutions, many doctors today struggle with getting patients to follow their prescriptions. Now, a new FoxBusiness report claims that this actually contributes to the rising costs of healthcare:

According to The National Consumers League, non adherence costs the country more than $290 billion a year.

‘Three out of four Americans don’t take their medication as prescribed while one-third doesn’t even pick up their medication,’ says Rebecca Burkholder, vice president of Health Policy at the National Consumers League. What’s more, about one-third of hospital admissions are related to not taking medication as directed, she says. ”

Granted, there are just some factors contributing to the rising costs of healthcare which cannot be helped. However, this is likely to be one of the areas where medical technologies and service can assist if they’re in the business of bridging the gaps between doctors and patients. The Fox article states several reasons but believe it or not, they can be remedied with support from a wide range of B2B healthcare industries like:

  • Patient Education Services – You can help patients understand the importance of the prescribed medication. It’s also good to help them identify cost-efficient alternatives as it’s also stated that costs are one of the reasons for neglecting medication.
  • Diagnostic Kits – Your technology can do more than just help doctors give better assessment of a patient’s health. You can also help them identify more generic versions of the prescription drugs and use any produced data to help formulate plans to reduce expenses.
  • Medical Alert Equipment – You can help doctors be more aware by alerting them to patients not taking critical prescriptions.

With both the consequences and the reasons cited above, you can see that it’s all a matter of bridging doctors with their patients. You though need to bridge your B2B services with these doctors via healthcare lead generation. The interesting thing is lead generation can be done through numerous channels. You can get in touch via email or direct mail. You can outsource telemarketing services to contact several in your state. Some even have themselves mentioned in news articles (like the one below):

VanGala has been using technology called PatientPoint to get more patients to adhere to medication. PatientPoint is a tablet-like machine that’s placed in the physician’s office and coordinates with patients’ records. After they sign in, PatientPoint lists the user’s medications and asks about compliance. If the user is not taking the medication, PatientPoint asks why–if cost is the reason the system will automatically print out a manufacturer coupon for the medicine. If side effects are listed as the reason, the doctor will be notified to work out a difference medication or treatment plan.”

Generating medical leads can help you get connected with professionals who need your help improving drug adherence. Invite them to meet with your or send an email that helps them increase their awareness of the problem (while carrying a few details of how your product seeks to remedy it). The costs of healthcare are high enough as they are but you can reduce it by helping doctors avert the costly consequences of neglected medications!

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