Checklist in Campaign Objectives in Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is, frankly, more a science than an art. It is based on process, best practices, and continuous testing and improvement. As noted, the company with the best process wins. Smart marketers focus on each step in the process, looking for ways to make it more efficient. The end result pays off in lower costs and higher conversion rates to sales.

Reaching out to prospects and generating an initial response begins the process. To break inquiry generation down, one must take a checklist in making the first step in lead generation campaign and that is setting the campaign objectives.

Checklist in Campaign Objectives in Lead Generation Services

Set campaign objectives checklist. Most lead-generation campaigns select from the following objectives checklist to ensure quality lead demand.

#1 The number of leads expected – How many leads are you pursuing? 100 per day? 1000 per week?

#2 The degree of qualification – to what degree of qualification or specification you want a qualified lead to become? Sometimes, it answer 4-5 qualifications.

#3 The time frame during which they will arrive – this is where appointment setting is shown.

#4 The cost per lead – how much does each lead cost? And how many of them are you planning to pay.

#5 Lead-to-sales conversion ratio – leads without conversion are nothing. It won’t gain any sales.

# 6 Revenue per lead – how much profit did you gain per lead. Some leads may give you lower/higher than the other compared.

#7 Campaign ROI or expense-to-revenue ratio – not only the profit should be identified but the expenses it took to qualify a certain lead must be identified as well.

#8 Choose one primary and no more than two secondary objectives, and make them very specific.

Setting campaign objective is very important. It prepares the system in making a data analysis of how marketers should see their entire campaign process. Lead generation is data-driven, thus setting the objective will help us gain all insight we need to grow our sales revenue.

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