Data-Driven Decisions To Your B2B Marketing

How To Utilize Data-Driven Decisions To Your B2B Marketing

My most loved trait of inbound marketing is the information you can gather and use to evaluate advance and to settle on choices going ahead. However regardless of the information accessible to them, our experience is that not very many organizations are really using information to drive decisions.

It is totally important that you create what we get a kick out of the chance to call information rhythms. When we’re dealing with an inbound program, we break measurements into week by week, month to month and quarterly checks (and absolutely there are some organizations that ought to have day by day rhythms with a few measurements). Read more

Appointment Setting Campaigns Are Like Haunted Places

Like many seasonal celebrations, Halloween doesn’t just have you dressing up yourself. It dresses up your house as well! But when you learn more about the tropes and folkore around haunted houses, they can teach you a few surprising lessons about attracting the right customers while scaring the wrong ones away!

Such lessons are can help you improve your appointment setting strategies so that you can avoid wasting time meeting with the wrong customer.

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How Your Lead Generation Strategy Can Heal Division

Well, the first trailer for Avengers: Age Age Ultron is finally out. And in case you haven’t been following, the premise of the upcoming superhero flick isn’t actually unlike a usual scenario in your prospect’s organization.

Such division however isn’t always beyond the healing capacity of your lead generation strategy.

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Medical Appointment Setting Tips – Always Remember What Technology Can’t

There are plenty of things that have changed the way B2B salespeople work. But despite the increased capacity to mine more data and broaden communications, it’s also important to remember what technology hasn’t changed.

In this regard, medical appointment setting, both on the level of patients and practices, have plenty of areas that are at risk of neglect simply because technology offers a false sense of security.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Doing One Thing Wrong Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Better

A usual routine in appointment setting involves finding a process your prospect doesn’t do very well and say you have the resources to do it better.

But while problem solving is essential for building up rapport and relevance, it can be misleading in one small way. Just because a prospect doesn’t do one thing right doesn’t mean they’re completely shabby.

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Non-Medics in Your Medical Leads

These days, the healthcare industry is going to include more and more people with less and less medical knowledge. And surprise! This isn’t entirely a bad thing. In fact, you might want to change your lead generation strategy once non-medical prospects are being counted among your medical leads.

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Getting Medical Leads by Going to Great Lengths to Disrupt Competitors

Is it always worth going to great lengths for your medical leads? It’s a consensus among marketers that your old customers generate more value to your business than the new ones you acquire.

Why then are so many businesses still bent on getting new customers? Perhaps the real reason is that, while they’re not as valuable, converting a new customer into a repeat one is what gives them more value over time.

But what of a situation where you are openly challenged by a prospect to prove your worth against a competitor? Do they still think you have a shot or are they just looking to validate their decision?

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When Medical Lead Generation Becomes a Pit Fight

There’s a lot of hate for RFPs among the sales community, including the ones who cater to the healthcare industry. Why is that?

Is it because of the competition? The pickiness of prospects? Does the value of medical lead generation drop because all it does is throw you into these RFP pit fights?

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Medical Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Abuse the Warning Signs

Medical lead generation is like a doctor’s check up in many ways. You diagnoses the healthiness of a practice’s management, test their compliance, and there are any problems, you urge for treatment.

But when you use symptoms too frequently, knowledge of the bad news might end up paralyzing your prospect’s decision. It’s like working under the possibility that the stress could suddenly cause heart problems.  You’d have to be a particularly brave person to keep working, let alone find an organization full of such people.

Medical Telemarketing Tips – Past and Prediction

The idea that you can use a prospect’s past to predict their future buying decisions is an increasingly common subject in business. On the other hand, a similar subject is eerily touched by the recent movie Captain America: Winter Soldier.

You have to wonder though: can the past truly be the ultimate crystal ball that marketers and salespeople have searched for centuries?

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