B2B Lead Generation – Does Government Involvement Really Impact The Healthcare Market?

Healthcare TelemarketingSupporters of the Obama administration had a good reason to celebrate when Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the President’s highly controversial health care reform. In a nutshell, the goal of this reform was to allow more Americans have access to more affordable healthcare services.

However, does it really have as much of an impact in the end? According to a recent report from CNNMoney, this might not be the case. Surprisingly, one of the reasons as to why is based on the simple logic that higher quality healthcare obviously means higher costs. For example, you have robotic surgery:

“New technologies, such as robotic surgery, are growing rapidly. More than 36% of hospitals already perform robotic surgery, according to a report from PwC’s Health Research Institute. These high-cost procedures improve the quality of care but they also push up costs for consumers, the research firm said. ”

Another subject of debate is the impact of mandating healthcare insurance. While employers are now tasked with providing health insurance to their employees, it doesn’t look like that the costs themselves are going down (regardless of who’s doing the actual paying):

“At the same time, consumers are paying a bigger share of their medical bill than before. Why? Because insurers are shifting more of the payment burden onto customers through higher co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles.”

Now whether you’re for or against the reform, it’s hard to argue against these simple facts. These same facts are pointing in a direction that either says government involvement has little impact on a market or the process becomes so complicated by the numerous parties involved that the results end up being mixed. Finally, you have the impartial nature of such involvement which means it’s not just your side of the playing field that’s being affected. Consider the following factors for instance:

  • Competitors – So what if this reform does result in its intended ‘benefits’. These same benefits could work to the advantage of your competitors as much as yourself. How do you expect to have an edge over them?
  • Costs – On the other hand, if this reform does turn out for the worst and healthcare costs continue to rise, where’s your advantage? An increase in costs can be bad news when your target market suffers from lack of affordability. It’s also bad news for competitors. Again, where is your edge?
  • Forced Compliance – Whether it’s individuals or entire business organizations, does counting on the government for pressure really set them in the mood to appreciate your products and services? More likely, it’s just pressure. Period. There’s no desire to learn and as a result, your customers end up having little understanding about what they’re getting themselves into.

Frankly, even a telemarketing campaign can have a more positive impact on your business (and your business alone) than counting on a government mandate that affects the whole playing field. Sure it might seem that there are other positive changes but ultimately, is there really much of an impact on your own business? The facts seem to either say no or are too convoluted that you might as well be more proactive with your own marketing efforts.

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