Are Your Medical Leads Taking a Beating?

Broken. That’s the word that best describes a lot of Brazilians after being utterly blindsided by Germany in the World Cup semi-finals. But while you may not be a sports fan, a quick search can make for easy guesses as to why the spectacular loss. (One of which was the absence of its star player Neymar.)

A defeat like this can serve as a cautionary tale to those who run seemingly ‘successful’ marketing campaigns but not realize the beating that’s taking place. For all the medical leads you’ve racked up, it may not matter if the proverbial truck carrying them winds up tipping over.

The scariest part here is not just the loss of such valuable lead information. It’s the fact that you could’ve seen it coming but were completely distracted by the current glory of it all. Yes, you have a long stream of shiny medical leads heading to fill up the calendars of all your needy sales reps. Never mind the pile of rocks threatening to landslide towards that stream and dam it all up.

Remember what happened to traditional marketing? Same thing. Just when the academics have it all figured out, enter the internet came.

It’s not a case for quitting while you’re ahead. On the contrary, it’s about being more cautious so you can stay ahead. It’s like in a typical World Cup match. Scoring one goal is already enough to get a team on solid, iron wall defense. Once you’ve got enough of those medical leads coming in, be on the look out to see if your marketing resources are getting a beating:

  • Are you still fishing? – Fishing in a sense that you’re constantly looking for new customers instead of nurturing them through the lead generation process. How often do you engage after the sale in comparison to before it? Getting a lot of new customers might keep your revenue up for now but only long-term customers can help achieve long-term sustainability.
  • Are their parts flying out? – Think of your lead generator as an engine that’s starting to reach critical mass. You may be close to the finish line but parts are already flying. Customers are complaining about your increasingly reckless marketing. Your CMO is running to you like Scotty screaming, “I cannae push it any faster!” Don’t wait for the whole thing to blow! Slow down and get things under control Captain Kirk.
  • Do you have a back-up plan? – It’s a classic and it’s always a good idea. When things are starting to get dangerous for your marketing team, it’s good to have a quick ticket out of it. For example, if your website is now having trouble after taking so much traffic, having someone to run an emergency maintenance can be a life-saver. Or if you’re considering long-term, having alternative sources of medical leads can save you from putting all your hopes on a star strategy.

Having a lot of booming success with your medical leads shouldn’t blind you to signs of failure. Rather, it should only increase your awareness that you’ve got to protect your success at all costs. So the next time you generate a surge of potential clients, make sure the process behind it is not taking a heavy beating.

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