Are You About to Lose Health Leads?

You see it in a lot of movies. The main character goes through a typical routine but the next moment they wake, they find themselves in a radically different place. They have no memory of how they got there or how long it’s been. From horror to fantasy, crime to science-fiction, this turn of events can actually reflect a similar scenario for your own marketers and salespeople.

One moment, your health leads are coming in like normal. But the morning after, you wake up and are shocked to find the radical changes in your marketing strategies, your database, your marketing materials etc.

And out of all this, you are at a loss on where health leads now are.

Take aimClear’s recent blog on PR and marketing as an example. For a long time, PR were all about preserving a company’s reputation, creating demand, and improving the image of its business leaders.

All the while marketing goes by every day, directly interacting with prospects before forwarding them to meet with sales reps. This has been the norm for at least decades. But in just roughly 3-5 years, revolutionary changes in SEO, social media, and mobile all came together and combined the two before everyone realized it. Content became the center, as did the decision of consumers after personally exercising their increased capacity to research for their own organizations.

Perhaps the strangest thing is that the healthcare industry already saw signs of this coming. People were already looking up common ailments online along with the occasional fitness tips.

So how did it come to be that you are now exercising newer and newer marketing strategies without even realizing it? It’s not like you got hit with amnesia. What’s keeping you from remembering how you managed to get to this point? Where are your health leads? Here’s some possible explanations.

  • You got tossed into the bandwagon – Perhaps you did see the change, panicked from the demands for it from your own people, and then got proverbially knocked out before they hauled you into the bandwagon. Now that you’ve regained consciousness though, maybe it’s a good time to reassess what you’ve actually been doing.
  • You were caught up focusing on another process – This one is a lot less fault on your part. Maybe you’ve got investors to meet, products to inspect, even just your own sales leads to close. It’s likely you’ve outsourced your marketing somewhere else. What to do about it? Just learn to work more closely with your provider. Just because you trust that they know what they’re doing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to know either.
  • You didn’t know you were already doing it – Maybe you already did figure out that prospects research more before setting appointments. Maybe you have already recognized the value of sharing expertise and thought leadership. You just didn’t have a name for it and now, what you’re really waking up to is that your competitors are doing the same. Obviously, you don’t stop!

Waking up and realizing just how drastically your marketing has changed can be the result of simply not paying attention. The good news is that you’re not so much about to lose your health leads but rather put them in a different place because you’re generating them in a different way.

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