Are There Thenardiers Among Your Sales Leads?

If you have ever read or watched Les Miserables, you should know that the Thernadiers are the last people you would want on your list of sales leads. With a film adaptation of the musical coming this December, it is only fitting that you get to know who these shady innkeepers are and why business with them is not worth putting your healthcare support firm in PR jeopardy.

Good Sales Leads Do Not Bring Home Bad Business Ethics

Sales Leads, Medical Sales Leads, Lead GenerationNow the Thernadiers (or more specifically, the head of the family M. Thernadier) are popularly known for the song Master of The House. In this part, the family runs a tacky inn in Montfermeil. Now imagine that your list of health leads has a clinic or a small medical facility run by similar people. Prepare to be shocked by the parallels between not only their generally unacceptable practices but those exclusive to the industry of healthcare.

  • Open hypocrisy – M.Thernadier fancies himself a kind soul, content with what he has, and always willing to help out a friend. In the next few lines however, you can see that not only does he actually put a price for his so-called ‘aid’, he piles on it. The same can be said of shady doctors and practitioners who appear to care but are in fact, just trying to make a fast buck. Such sales leads should be disqualified immediately as they are more likely to make you lose more to further their own gain.

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  • Deceives their own customers – They do everything to dupe their customers and steal things when their eyes are looking the other way. Secondly, the food and services are horribly counterfeit. That sounds a lot like a clinic which gives poor quality medicine and uses second-rate tools but presents them as new. Scams like that are such a frequent tragedy in healthcare that it will not help if your own business takes part in the deception. Or worse, they could deceive you as well! Generating medical sales leads is costly enough so do not waste your time.
  • Shoddy pricing and billing – Billing is another prevalent issue in healthcare. But when it comes to tricking people with costs, crooked practices take a lot out of M. Thernadier’s book. Minor charges. Unseen increases. Dubious fees. They all seem trivial by themselves but look how much it actually hurts their customers in the end. With villains like these still working in the system, it is no wonder that healthcare suffers the stigma of being a high-cost industry. Your sales leads should connect you with people who can help with that problem, not exacerbate it.

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No doubt there are even more bad practices committed by these musical villains but clearly, the above three have driven the point. The good news is that this is not the 1800s and you have plenty of information and communication tools to easily identify these crooks. Social media and online marketing are not only good for qualifying sales leads. These same B2B lead generation tools can also conduct your own background check to make sure that there are no Thernadiers among your own leads!

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